Spring Cleaning For Fall

I just spent the last few days doing what felt like spring cleaning… where everything is scoured over and evaluated for future destinies.

Why spring cleaning when it’s almost fall? Because this is when I went back to Toronto to pick up some of my stuff. And as it happened to unfold, I didn’t have a choice over what I was going to take or how I was going to pack it; as a result I don’t have a lot of things I was looking for, and a lot of things I need, but you can’t always direct every part of your life play.

Sometimes somebody else directs, and you just play your role as best you can.

Turns out that despite a back-and-forth conversation over the past three weeks regarding how I was going to pick up my personal stuff, Wil packed all my belongings up in boxes and dropped them off by the street where my Dad and I loaded them into a truck.

And… well, there were pros and cons to this scenario. A few days ago it looked like I was going to be drowning in just the cons, so I’m only going to look at the pros now.

What could the pros be?

  • I discovered that, despite fear and doubt over my own abilities, I can drive a cube van. One of those big diesel-fueled trucks with no rear windows, where you have to drive totally using your side-view mirrors. And I drove it all the way from Toronto to Peterborough, where my parents live, and back again (a total of about 4 hours).
  • I didn’t have to spend the time I thought I would packing up all my stuff, which gave me more time for visiting with my parents (yes, the process of unpacking what was there and trying to re-pack it and/or dispose of it logically took a lot of time, but it may have taken more time to start from scratch).
  • I didn’t have to spend a lot of time under the same roof as my soon-to-be-ex-husband, which likely would have led to arguments and emotional upsets that were not conducive to allowing both of us to move on with our lives.
  • I discovered that sometimes, despite outward appearances, people have good qualities that can surprise us; and when those qualities come out that we didn’t see before, they are often brought on by the most astonishing circumstances.
  • I was able to get rid of a LOT of clothes and other things that I no longer need, donating most of it to charity (a local diabetes foundation that picks the stuff up from your porch) and throwing some of it away.

It’s this last point that allowed me to purge a lot of aspects of my life as I conducted a thorough “spring cleaning” on my emotions as well as my stuff.

In all honesty, a lot of the stuff I got wasn’t that important in the big picture.

I did get my special soulmate cat, Mercury, just like the intention I put out there last week (with some help from Barry, who had a three-hour chat with Wil), and that was extremely important to me. Definitely the most important thing that came back with me.

Some of the clothes I wanted, yes, but that’s all replaceable.

Some of my office supplies and workout gear I wanted too, but that was replaceable too.

What’s really important to me, as far as inanimate objects go, is what I didn’t get; things I’ve created that are on my hard drives, and personal development books and programs by people that I’ve interviewed. The books and CDs and DVDs are theoretically replaceable too; but the intellectual property can’t be replaced, it can only be recreated from scratch (and considering the amount of time I worked on it, that’s not an appealing thought).

So since I was dealing with “stuff” that I was not attached to — just like we shouldn’t get attached to our intentions, goals and visions that we’re manifesting — I was able to approach it as a cleansing process for my soul.

  • Haven’t worn it in a year? Give it to charity.
  • Eaten by moths? Throw it out.
  • Costs more to ship than replace? Give it away.

At one point I was ditching more than I was keeping, and it felt really good. The more physical weight I was able to sift out, the more virtual weight was lifted off my shoulders.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things. There’s nothing wrong with manifesting money; in fact, Barry and I are hosting a call on how to Manifest More Wealth very soon.

But it’s not a good idea to get emotionally or physically attached to things; letting it go or giving it away is the best way to get more to come back to you in the long run (it’s called the Law of Tenfold Returns, and it says that whatever you give away with joy and gratitude comes back to you ten times over).

Having had the opportunity to do a full overhaul… and come back with the things that matter most to me, like Mercury… really allowed me to cleanse my spirit, and I recommend a spring cleaning any time of year — even if it’s not forced onto you, just to lighten your emotional load.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale

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