Provide Your Customers With Powerful, Content-Rich Interviews by “The Unwrapper” Heather Vale

Heather Vale is considered by many to be the top online interviewer and interviewing expert working today. This is not only because of her vast experience, but also her inarguable results in getting top-notch, quality content from everybody she gets on the phone or in front of a camera.

Known as “The Unwrapper” (and also referred to as “The Dana Scully of Success” and “The Barbara Walters of the Internet”), Heather takes her 25 years of journalistic experience in mainstream and alternative media, and applies it to find out what successful people do — and don’t do — to become among the best, and stay at the top of their games.

During the past decade online, Heather has interviewed a few hundred of the top self-help professionals and internet marketers in the Universe. Some of these interviews were done for in-house projects, while others were for top-name internet marketers who wanted the best-of-the-best to conduct their interviews for them.

Some people think she’s a tough interviewer; but that’s mainly because she asks thought-provoking questions and is not afraid to dive deeply into a topic. Heather digs for information and has the guest reveal what they know about being a success in what they do, which allows other people to duplicate that success. Her aim is to uncover the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and an H (How) about any and every topic.

Her interviews result in strong, in-depth and fact-based audios for information products, membership sites, affiliate landing pages, sales page promotional tools, podcasts or live teleseminar events.

“Heather is an astonishing host. Her questions are brilliant and to the point, her interest is high and passionate. I’ve been interviewed thousands of times but rarely by someone with such energy, skill and heart.”
Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-Selling Author, “The Attractor Factor”

How Did It All Begin?

Heather began her media career in 1993, hosting and producing an award-winning TV magazine show called WORD before moving on to print, internet and radio media.  As co-founder of Canada’s first WebStation, she helped forge new ground by bringing the internet into mainstream media, before the dot-com crash.

She has interviewed thousands of people, and has been called the best interviewer in Canada.  One common thread in most of her interviews has always been a line of questioning regarding what it takes to be a success in the guest’s area of expertise.

After working her way up to news anchor on Canada’s #1 News-Talk radio station, CFRB 1010, Heather decided to focus on her passions… uncovering what makes some people incredibly successful while others struggle day to day, then interpreting and communicating those secrets to her audience so they can continue to achieve greater success as well.

This passion and natural curiosity is what she can bring to your interviews as well. If you want experts or accomplished people in any niche interviewed so that others can duplicate their successes — Heather Vale is the one to do it for you.

So many people have talked about her unique style and abilities that she recently released her secrets on how to get powerful content through interviews with her home-study package, Interviewing Unwrapped. This allows the average person to discover and learn how to do their own highly effective interviews; and yet her clients still want to leverage their own time by having her conduct the interviews for them.

Why? They know they’ll get quality, consistency, professionalism, and a final product that will not only pull in sales, but will keep their customers happy.

“What a complete pleasure it was to be interviewed by a true professional! Heather Vale was well prepared, she has great timing, and she knows how to make the interviewee feel at ease even when she’s asking the tough questions.

I have done hundreds of interviews in different parts of the world, with some very well known and well respected national hosts and I have to tell you that Heather is right up there with the best of the best.”

— Dr. Dov Baron
Founder of Quantum-Meta-Psychology™

What Topics Can She Cover?

Heather has interviewed people from all walks of life, in many different niches, on a vast range of topics. She is not a “jack-of-all-trades”; however, if the subject matter involves “how to be a success” in any given niche, then a bit of research will allow her to tackle it like a pro. She is known primarily for her work in the internet marketing and personal development niches, but here is a select list of the wide variety of topics she has actually covered:

Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Traffic Generation
Opt-in List Building
Email Marketing
Article Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click Marketing
Keyword Research
Product Creation
Public Domain
Video and Audio Production
Web 2.0 and Social Networking
Membership Sites
Viral Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Product Launches
Joint Ventures
eBay Power Selling
Google AdSense

Business Development
Customer Service
Time Leverage
Book Authoring
Non-Profit Organizations and Charities

Personal Development
The Law of Attraction
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Fear Busting
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Hypnosis and EFT
Peak Performance and Achievement
Passion and Purpose
Value Systems
Physical and Mental De-Cluttering
Emotional Mastery
Attitude and Mindset
Prosperity and Wealth-Building
Physical and Spiritual Health

Personal and Business Relations
Finding a Soul Mate
Online Dating

Arts, Entertainment and Media
Television Production
Film Production
Radio Production

Why Hire Heather?

Most marketers and entrepreneurs hire Heather to create top-quality information products or ongoing membership site content featuring top-name experts on a particular topic. They know that they can rely on Heather to provide timely, in-depth topic coverage that will offer tremendous value and keep their customers happy.

However, if you are a speaker, author, coach or other expert and need a quality interview of yourself conducted by an experienced and polished journalist, Heather can also interview YOU for your website or promotional material.

“Heather is the first interviewer to have ever caught me off guard. She has a razor sharp mind and a demeanor that could make her the next Barbara Walters.”

Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author, “Simpleology”

Who Else Has She Worked For?

Heather has become the premier freelance interviewer on the web, trusted to provide quality content for some of the best online experts and celebrities. Her clients are names that you have likely heard of, and probably have a large amount of respect for. Some of them stay “behind the curtain” anonymously on the projects they hire Heather to work on, so their names can’t be revealed here. But of the ones that can be publicized, here’s a select list of top marketers who have used, or continue to use, Heather’s interview and hosting services:

Mark Joyner
Alex Mandossian
Rick Raddatz
Brad Callen
Paul Smithson
Kevin Nations
Travis Sago
Joel Comm
Codrut Turcanu

Ken McArthur
Wayne Van Dyck
Warren Whitlock
Ron Herman
John Castagnini

Demo Compilations

Sample Clips of Heather Interviewing:

Sample Clips of Heather’s Talk Shows:

“You can really tell that Heather is an experienced journalist, because she pulled out the tough questions and really did some digging, asking questions that no one else has ever asked me.”
— Bob Doyle
Author, “Wealth Beyond Reason”

What Does It Include?

A Heather Vale interview is more than just an hour-long recording. You get a full-service, well-researched, in-depth, high-quality recording that includes the following elements so that you have nothing left to do:

Sourcing appropriate guests if required, based on your “wish list”

Contacting and scheduling guests after sourcing, or from your supplied list of contacts

Researching the niche and each guest’s unique expertise in the topic

Conducting and recording the 60-90 minute interview with broadcast-quality recording studio; live audience Q&A can be included on live teleseminars

Editing, tweaking and cleaning up the final interview recording

Adding intro/extro music and extra verbal introduction if required

Delivering the recording in choice of streamable MP3, downloadable MP3, CD-ready WAV, quality video, or any combination for different product requirements

Assigning of full exclusive rights to the interview, unless an alternate JV arrangement is made

“Heather is a delightful and perceptive interviewer. I have to admit that she got me to talk about things in public no other interviewer ever has — and I’ll have you know I have been featured in the National Enquirer! But her questions weren’t of the exposé type.

They were imaginative, specific and evocative. She is a fresh presence on the scene and I appreciate her skill and the quality of the show that resulted.”

— David Garfinkel
Founder, World Copywriting Institute

Who Else Does She Know?

Heather also has connections already forged with some of the world’s top experts in various fields, some of whom she has interviewed numerous times, and many of whom are willing to do another interview with her at any time. Here’s a list of just some of the top name people she’s interviewed since she started working online in personal development and internet marketing in 2005:

Jack Canfield
Bob Doyle
Joe Vitale
Mark Joyner
David Garfinkel
Tim Knox
Yanik Silver
Rosalind Gardner
Josh Anderson
Jay Conrad Levinson
Paul Colligan
Todd Gross
Stephen Pierce
Randy Gage
Ben Mack
Joe Rubino
Dave Lakhani

Harris Fellman
Willie Crawford
Lou D’Alo
Joshua Shafran
Scott Paton
Mike Filsaime
Liz Tomey
Aurelius Tjin
Tellman Knudson
John Harricharan
Dr John F Demartini
Mike Dooley
Bob Scheinfeld
Ted Ciuba
Kevin Nations
Chris “X” McNeeney
Ken McArthur
Rich Schefren
Russell Brunson
Keith Baxter
Dave Lovelace
Brad Fallon
Joel Comm
Adam Ginsberg
David Vallieres
Armand Morin
Michael Cheney
Jason James
Ken McCarthy
Mike G
Alexandria K Brown
Derrick VanDyke
Marlon Sanders
Michel Fortin

Obviously these are some top-name experts in their respective fields; and yet, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Many, many more people who are experts, or highly successful in what they do, have been interviewed by Heather, and convinced to reveal some of their biggest secrets.

Many online interviewers claim to “grill” their subjects; Heather actually does it, and in a way that makes them appreciate and adore the experience.


“She’s good. Real good. In fact, I can’t believe how easily she was able to do this to me. I’ve only mentioned my real thoughts about this twice before in a formal public setting. Journalist Heather Vale grilled me to expose the real truth about authoring and publishing.”

— Glenn Dietzel
Author, “Awaken the Author Within”

So What Does It Cost?

Heather charges more than a college student or beginner interviewer might, but she firmly believes that you get what you pay for. She has also seen repeated evidence that the value received far outweighs the cost. At the same time, you can pay for full-production studio shoots that cost much more.

That’s why the top marketers in the world consistently come back to her for more interviews; they know they’re going to get quality recordings and highly desirable content that will bring in far more income than their initial investment.

Heather’s reputation and commitment to quality have made her the premier freelance interviewer on the web.


Single Audio Phone Interview (CD-quality Audio, 60-90 minutes)  $950.00 USD
Series of 10+ Interviews — Each  $850.00 USD
Series of 20+ Interviews — Each  $750.00 USD
Single Audio Phone Interview (CD-quality Audio, 30-45 minutes)  $800.00 USD
Series of 10+ Interviews — Each  $725.00 USD
Series of 20+ Interviews — Each  $600.00 USD
Webinar Interview (Quality Screencast Video, 45-90 minutes) $1,500.00 USD
Series of 10+ Interviews — Each $1,350.00 USD
Series of 20+ Interviews — Each $1,200.00 USD
Google Hangouts Interview (Quality Webcam Video, 45-90 minutes) $1,350.00 USD
Series of 10+ Interviews — Each $1,200.00 USD
Series of 20+ Interviews — Each $1,000.00 USD
On Location Video Interview (Quality Broadcast Video, 45-90 minutes) $3,500.00 USD
Series of 10+ Interviews — Each $3,000.00 USD
Series of 20+ Interviews — Each $2,500.00 USD

Note: On location video interviews must take place in greater Las Vegas, NV, or travel costs will be added. Casinos, hotels, conference rooms and seminar locations are acceptable.

Attractive day rates are available when many shorter interviews (for example, interviews with trade show vendors or event speakers; testimonials or case studies from seminar attendees and coaching clients) will be captured during one session.

Only basic editing is included in on-location and Google Hangouts video interviews, such as trimming top and tail and adding titles.

Recurring clients and ongoing projects with longevity are eligible for additional special pricing deals.

Transcripts (Proofed and Edited): Add $3.00 per audio minute
(i.e. $90 for 30 minutes, $270 for 90 minutes)

Payment is accepted by PayPal, credit card or company check, and is due upon receipt of the recordings; for larger projects or new clients it may be required to pay 50% on contract of services, and 50% on completion.

If you’re a top marketer that would like to do a JV-based arrangement instead, it’s also possible to work out a deal whereby Heather creates the content for a jointly-owned product, you take care of the marketing end, and profits are shared between you and Heather in an equitable split.

“In the last 17 years, I’ve conducted well over 1000 interviews and Heather Vale is far and away the best interviewer I’ve had the privilege of working with.  Insightful, interesting, and intelligent are only a few words that describe her talents.”

Dr. Joe Rubino
CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention

How Do We Get Started?

If you’d like to contact Heather to discuss how she can help you create a top-notch video or audio product, membership site, podcast or teleseminar series through the power of content-rich interviews, please feel free to Contact Her here. You can submit your project, give more details, ask questions or set up an appointment to talk.


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