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My freelance services include writing, interviewing, video and voice work.

To inquire about rates, services and availability, or to discuss your specific project, please submit the contact form here and choose the subject line “Writing Services Inquiry” or “Interviewing Services Inquiry”.

“Heather is the first interviewer to have ever caught me off guard. She has a razor sharp mind and a demeanor that could make her the next Barbara Walters.”
Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author, “Simpleology”



Do you need quality, short (350-500 word) articles or blog posts? I offer fast turnaround and exceptional spelling and grammar for interesting and informative articles on a variety of topics and niches.

Do you need longer (600-800 word) magazine-style articles featuring quotes from expert interviews to support the research? I’m an excellent researcher and interviewer, and I produce quality articles fit for print that are supported by fact and expertise.

Do you want full-length features (900-1500 word, or even longer) for your online magazine? My 15 years of freelance writing experience and background in journalism allow me to write features in a variety of styles and topics; specialties are parenting and personal development.

View my writing portfolio here.

“You can really tell that Heather is an experienced journalist, because she pulled out the tough questions and really did some digging, asking questions that no one else has ever asked me.”
Bob Doyle
Author, “Wealth Beyond Reason”



Do you want an expert, or several experts, interviewed for an online project, podcast, or information product? Do you know the niche you want to release your product in, but don’t want to, know how to, or have time to create content-rich interviews yourself? How about live event coverage in the Las Vegas area?

My background of over 20 years of interviewing experts in a variety of media allow me to conduct top-notch expert interviews for you… and you‘ll get quality, consistency, professionalism, and a final product that will not only pull in sales, but will keep your customers happy.

View my interviewing portfolio and listen to my demo here.

“What a complete pleasure it was to be interviewed by a true professional! Heather Vale was well prepared, she has great timing, and she knows how to make the interviewee feel at ease even when she’s asking the tough questions.

I have done hundreds of interviews in different parts of the world, with some very well known and well respected national hosts and I have to tell you that Heather is right up there with the best of the best.”
Dr. Dov Baron
Author, “What the Bleep Does it Mean?”


Do you need a professional-sounding audio message for your website, blog, sales page, information product, audio e-book or podcast? Audio messages on websites increase conversions, right on par with video. They keep surfers interested, and convey your message in an interesting, interactive way that helps your audience learn and retain information better than just reading it.

My 20 years of doing professional voice work for TV, radio and online media allow me to create a natural, welcoming and engaging audio file for your project.

View my media portfolio and listen to my voice demo here.

To inquire about rates, services and availability, or to discuss your specific project, please submit the contact form here and choose the subject line “Writing Services Inquiry” or “Interviewing Services Inquiry”.

“In the last 17 years, I’ve conducted well over 1000 interviews and Heather Vale is far and away the best interviewer I’ve had the privilege of working with. Insightful, interesting, and intelligent are only a few words that describe her talents.”
Dr. Joe Rubino
CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention

4 comments to “Hire Heather”
4 comments to “Hire Heather”
  1. Hi:
    can you give me an idea of what you charge to interview some experts on a few topics I have products for?
    thanks, Ron

    [Heather’s REPLY]:

    Hi Ron,

    Just submit a support ticket as instructed above: http://lwlworldwide.com/support

    Let the staff know a bit about the project(s) and they’ll give you access to my rate card page.


  2. Hi Heather. My name is Abby Abanes and I work for iHerb. Thanks so much for blogging about iHerb and posting your coupon code. I’m happy that you’re trying to take advantage of our rewards program. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that if you’re interested, I can provide a graphic and a custom URL that you can post to your blog if you’d like to get the word out about your coupon code. With the custom URL, if a potential new customer clicks the graphic it’s attached to and happens to purchase an item, you’ll automatically get that 4% commission. You can see the choice of graphics below:


    If not interested, that’s fine, too. I’m just glad that you decided to give us a try.

    Have a great week,

  3. Hi Heather,

    I’m interested in your Warrior offer to conduct interviews on a fee basis.

    Could you please give me a quote for an interview lasting about an hour?

    Kind regards,


    [Heather’s Reply]:

    Hi Simon,

    I believe my support staff responded to the same query in our ticket desk — please let me know if you didn’t receive it.


  4. Hi, I saw your post of facebook in memory of Neil Hope facebook and I two weeks ago I did a site with approval of his family at http://www.neil-hope.com will appreciate if you can add it to your list and I hope it’s that I follow you also on Twitter, if you can follow me too, but only if you want.
    anyways, thanks I remembered that you did an article on Neil in 99′ on fave.tv. Neil was a great person and actor and I’m still in shocked of the sad news.
    thanks, Einat Razin

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