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“Heather is an astonishing host. Her questions are brilliant and to the point, her interest is high and passionate. I’ve been interviewed thousands of times but rarely by someone with such energy, skill and heart.”
Dr. Joe Vitale
Best-Selling Author, “The Attractor Factor”



I have a 15-year history of interviewing celebrities and experts on TV, video, and online media. By now, the number of interviews I’ve conducted is well in the thousands, from just a few questions to several hours long.

Feel free to listen to my podcast interviews at the following sites:

My interviews have also been featured in the following projects:

  • Masters of The Secret
  • Manifest Life
  • Renegade Growth Pak
  • Manifest More Wealth
  • 16 Success Experts
  • Interviewing Unwrapped

Some of my freelance interview clients, who are all top internet marketers, include:

  • Brad Callen
  • Mark Joyner
  • Rick Raddatz
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Joel Comm
  • Ken McArthur
  • Codrut Turcanu
  • Travis Sago
  • Paul Smithson

Here’s a compilation demo of some of my talk shows and products:

I am also the author of an extensive home-study resource called Interviewing Unwrapped. It teaches anybody, regardless of past experience, how to professionally interview experts to create high-quality online content such as information products, podcasts, online radio shows and teleseminars. You can find more information on Interviewing Unwrapped here.

Here’s an interview demo so you can hear my style more in-depth:

And my latest video interview demo:

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“Heather is a delightful and perceptive interviewer. I have to admit that she got me to talk about things in public no other interviewer ever has — and I’ll have you know I have been featured in the National Enquirer! But her questions weren’t of the exposé type. They were imaginative, specific and evocative. She is a fresh presence on the scene and I appreciate her skill and the quality of the show that resulted.”
David Garfinkel
Founder, World Copywriting Institute