What Life Is All About…

Heather and Barry - photo boothYesterday Barry and I went to Medford… I had an appointment at the LASIK center (my eyes have now healed, but while the vision in my left is perfect, the vision in my right has gone back to where it used to be when I wore contacts — that’s good because it’s better than it has been the past month, and because I still have some contact lenses that I can wear while I wait another two months to get a LASIK touch-up!)

Then we met with a prospective new business associate, and afterwards stayed for our weekly “date night”.

Yes, every Friday night is date night… so no matter how busy, frustrated, or buried in work we get during the week, we always know that Friday night is our time to relax, get out of work mode, enjoy each others’ company and appreciate being together.

Nothing is better for a relationship than the time you dedicate to each other, and you can kick that up a few notches by feeling grateful and appreciative for every moment that it lasts.

This time we went to Red Lobster (one of my favorite restaurants — and the one in Medford happens to be the only one around), followed by a movie.

The movie was forgettable… it was called Vantage Point, and the description seemed like an almost metaphysical drama about different viewpoints surrounding a situation, but it played out more like a boring repeat of the same viewpoint with emphasis on different people each time.

Oh, well, it was time alone, side by side in the dark… who can ask for anything more?

And before it started we had some time to kill, so we played around in the arcade downstairs where they had our favorite toy — a photo booth!

This one only took black and white photos, but gave us the opportunity to be goofy and have some fun… as well as take home a reminder of what fun we have together.

And that’s really what life is all about!

After all, like my email signature says…

The meaning of life is to play the game, have fun, and learn along the way!

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale

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