Don’t Forget the Pets

It’s no secret that I’ve had a lot of pets in my time.

I used to have a lot of rodents — hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, and a chinchilla — and rabbits (which are not rodents)… and then it was cats. Yup, I’ve still got a cat and a hamster.

And sometimes it’s fun to make your own stuff for the animals, just like making gifts for the family… especially since buying them ready-made can be pretty pricey.

I just wrote several articles for eHow that tell you how to make some necessities, and fun things, for your pets:

How to Build a Catwalk and a Cat Door

How to Make an Enclosed Cat Litter Box

DIY: Rabbit Cages

How to Build a Chincilla Cage

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

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