The Level of Your Success

Barry introduced me to this list of qualities, which comes from a high school athletic coach. As someone who didn’t play sports in high school, I was surprised at its source. It’s very astute, and I had expected it to be from a personal development expert.

Then again, maybe sports coaches are the most powerful personal development experts in our society.

Barry was heavily involved in sports, and his coaches were some of his best role models.

After all, we all know how sorely lacking lessons in self-esteem and success skills are in schools today. But sports coaches often fill that void, teaching kids the power of the mind as they don’t learn anyplace else.

Enjoy some proof of that:

The Level of Your Success is Dependent on…

1. The Daily Habits You Create

2. Your Most Dominant Thoughts

3. How Well You Serve Others

4. The Amount of Sincere Gratitude You Show

5. The Level of Commitment Towards Your Passion (Singleness of Purpose)

– Ray Wanty
Educator/Coach/Athletic Director
Shelby High School, Montana

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