XSite Pro Club Portfolio

Internet Marketing and Business Development articles for XSite Pro Club

I write articles and conduct interviews on an ongoing basis for XSite Pro Club, a paid membership site for internet marketers and users of the XSite Pro WYSIWYG software.

Since the membership is private, I am not able to post writing samples here. However, listed below are some recent titles to give an idea of the topics covered, which include internet marketing, social media and business development:

Op-Ed Articles:

  • The Never-Ending Product Launch Cycle
  • Marketing with Integrity: Connect with your Subscribers and Turn Value into Dollars
  • How Much is “Free” Really Costing You?
  • What Does Your Header Say About Your Site? (Part 1 and 2)

How-To Articles:

  • How to Write a Report
  • Passion vs. Profits: How to Pick a Niche
  • Make It Yours: How To Rewrite Swipe Copy
  • Leveraging Knowledge: How To Find Experts to Interview
  • Choosing an Interview Topic, Purpose and Focus
  • Asking Great Interview Questions: The 3 L’s to Avoid
  • The #1 Skill Every Interviewer Needs
  • How to Generate Flow Through the Concept of the Conch Shell
  • How to Create Lock-Tight Easy-to-Remember Passwords
  • How to Control an Interview with the Map and the Forest
  • How to Keep it Afloat with the Canoe and the Rudder
  • How to Generate the 3 R’s of Interviewing Relations
  • How to Make Money From Your Interviews


  • Increasing Productivity with NoteTab Pro
  • Yoono: A Tool to Speed Social Networking Efforts
  • Using Gmail Labels and Filters to Increase Productivity
  • Notable: For Notably Easy Website Collaboration
  • Mr. Tweet: Gimmick or Sweet Tweet Tool?
  • Fiverr: The Things People Do For Five Bucks
  • MyLikes: Making Money on Twitter with Sponsored Ads
  • TweetAdder: Does it Add to Your Tweeting Ability?
  • Making the Move to Professional Audio Production with Adobe Audition
  • Making Search Personal with Favitt Multiple Search Engine
  • Automating Content Publication with HootSuite

Interview Synopsis Articles:

  • Steve Schuitt: The Tube Ninja
  • Joey Kissimmee: The Sacred Email Marketer
  • Paul Colligan: The Profitable Podcaster
  • Mari Smith: The Pied Piper of Facebook
  • Lisa Preston: The Artistic Designer

Metrics Analysis Articles:

  • Your Business Online: April 2010
  • Your Business Online: May 2010
  • Your Business Online: June 2010
  • Your Business Online: July 2010
  • Your Business Online: August 2010