What Kind of Parent Are You?

I just took a fun and interesting Edu-Parent quiz on various styles of parenting that says I’m a Mentor

… kind of makes sense since that involves asking questions to find out what’s below the surface, and as an interviewer I’m used to doing that.

You can take the quiz, too, by clicking the image above.

It was co-authored and compiled by recognized educators and experts on parent education, who have been community leaders for over 30 years.

The styles of parent you might be include Mentor, Coach, Observer, Historian and Superhero…

Here are some short excerpts from the descriptions (you’ll get the whole thing after you take the quiz, and a list of your personal challenges):

Mentor: Mentors are focused on preparing their children for life-long learning. When talking with their children, they listen and guide with questions, often providing choices and decision-making opportunities.

Coach: Coaches expect their children to always do their personal best and become successful learners. They talk with their children about school and steer them towards situations that play to their learning strengths.

Observer: Believing that children learn from their experiences, and with a high tolerance for mistakes, Observers feel children do best with minimal parental interference.

Historian: Historians share both knowledge and confidence borne out of a wealth of experience. They want to save their children the trouble of re-inventing the wheel — they’ve learned what does and doesn’t work and want to pass this along!

Superhero: Superheroes understand the value of hard work and persistence, and have high standards. They teach their children to always do their best, and that it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes double-check their work to eliminate errors.

To find out which one you are, and your full description of strengths, weaknesses and challenges, take the quiz now.

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