Glue Dots for Toddler Collages

Konan working on collageAs a Glue Dots Summer Bonding Project for Konan and I to do together, I decided that a collage celebrating wealth and his heritage would be a good idea.

It was quick, easy, creative, symbolic, looks good, and it’s something that he was able to do nearly all by himself.

As a 20-month-old toddler, projects that fit all those parameters aren’t easy to come by!

Here’s what we did step-by-step…

1. First I let him paint a piece of cardboard with various colors. I helped him open the caps, but he chose the colors and applied them to the artwork himself.

2. Then I chose some coins — some American and some Canadian, since he’s a dual citizen — and applied Craft Glue Dots to one side, leaving the backing plastic intact. Glue Dots are a safe and easy-to-use alternative to tapes and glue guns.

3. After the paint dried, I peeled the backing one by one off the coins and let Konan stick them to the painting wherever he wanted them.

The result: a colorful collage of international coins:

Glue Dot collage

Definitely a project worth doing!

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