What I Have in Common with Jerry Springer…

Heather Vale and Barry GossNext month, Barry Goss and I are launching a project called Masters of the Secret. We’ve been working on it for months… doing 2-on-1 interviews and compiling our select 1-on1s that we did with teachers featured in “The Secret”.

And finally… FINALLY!… it’s soon going to see the light of day.

When we started the project, and we did most of the interviews, “The Secret” had not yet been shot, or was in the process of shooting, or, in some cases, had launched but had not made a big splash. It was a kind of underground following to begin with.

Then the big media circus came to town. Over on the Masters of the Secret blog, I wrote an article about Larry King, Ellen, Oprah, Montel… and Jerry Springer.

Here’s an excerpt from it:

First it was Larry King. Then Ellen Degeneres. Then Oprah… then Larry King again. And now Montel Williams is getting into the game.

What’s the trend these big talk show hosts are following? Having guests on the show that were featured in The Secret, to discuss… “What IS the Secret?”

Sound familiar?

Well, when Barry and I interviewed those mentors, many of them had never been on a mainstream media show before. They were people who had discovered Universal Laws, had manifested some stuff that they wanted, and were confident enough in their knowledge of the process to start sharing it with the world.

Underground media often gets the jump on mainstream media, exactly because of that lemming effect that has all the major players jumping on The Secret bandwagon now.

Why now? Why a year after the release of the original The Secret movie? Why three years after the release of What The Bleep Do We Know?

In fact there are a lot of reasons why this happens, and I go into more detail over on the Masters of the Secret blog. And even though it’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek examination of the state of media, there’s a lot of truth to what I’ve been able to “unwrap” over the years about the way media works.

For instance, I never used to buy the argument that the media is used to control people; what they know, what they don’t get to know. Because I know for a fact that many of the reporters working the beat are trying honestly to be good, objective journalists. I was one of them.

But we were all just peons, working the game the way it’s been set up by the “big boys” (like… you know, Big Brother and the gang…)

And Jerry Springer… well, that’s like the professional wrestling of talk shows. I remember when Jerry used to be a pretty good interviewer. But he discovered that by being the “worst” he could get more viewers, so he catered to what the crowd wanted… to the detriment of TV quality in general, but to the benefit of his show and others like it.

Still… I’m convinced part of Jerry just cringes at what happens on his show, that it’s just a “job” for the sake of “ratings” and “money” (I guess we all have a price, just some of us have a lower price tag than others).

And with that in mind, I finished the article with a nod to the old Jerry… and a bit of nostalgia over when I thought being a true journalist in mainstream media was possible, too…

Here’s how it ends:

And what will happen when Jerry Springer wants to get into the game?

Mentor 1: I say we were all born to be rich!

Mentor 2: I say you should never manifest money!

Mentor 3: Well, it depends if you’re ready to take action!

Mentor 4: Action is over-rated… you have to let go and let God!

Sound effect: Ding ding ding!

(All the mentors on stage start picking up chairs and throwing them around the set)

Crowd: “Get on the pole! Get on the pole!”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! But if Jerry was still doing the real talk show he started with, rather than the circus it’s turned into, we could hopefully anticipate a Final Thought like this:

“We searched far and wide to bring you the best mentors we could find. They have dedicated their lives to discovering the truth, and helping others discover it too. Some might have different approaches and theories, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they are all right… according to what feels right to them. And it doesn’t diminish the fact that if you follow the ones that feel right to you… you can achieve the same results they have.

So what is The Secret? The Secret is that no matter what any teacher tells you, it won’t work for you if you don’t believe it will, and you won’t believe it will if it doesn’t feel good. But if it does feel good, you’ll be vibrating on the level that attracts whatever you want into your life. Only you can make that decision, by being exposed to as many people as possible who tell you the same thing in a different way, so that you can find that truth that resonates with you and brings you the results you deserve.”

Hmmm. I guess Jerry’s old-time Final Thought is the same one I have.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale