May Day, May Day!

This evening, Barry and I discovered what it means to have technology kick your ass.

We deal with it all day, every day. Technology allows us to do the work we do.

And, as a result, we rely on it heavily to do that work.

We had a live teleseminar scheduled for tonight with Peggy McColl, author of Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life Of Your Dreams.

Unfortunately, if the life of our dreams included a call with Peggy, it wasn’t meant to be attracted tonight.

Carmen, our warm-up host, was able to get on the call with no problem; but neither Barry, myself, nor Peggy could get onto the line.

As I called Barry on his landline, and Peggy called him on his cell — both of us saying, “What the hell???” at the same time — we realized there were a few ways to handle this.

We could freak out and get upset (which was our initial reaction, of course).

Or we could try to save it in a calm, collected way (which was our second inclination, but the long-term and correct solution if you want it to be rational and effective).

We couldn’t save it for that night… because as the three of us were listening to Carmen trying to find us all over the webcast option on our new simulcast service, she got disconnected too.

In essence, the call was a wash. Everybody got dumped off, and then nobody could get back on.

It was Rick Raddatz‘s new Instant Teleseminar service, and we definitely weren’t too impressed… but our initial anger subsided when we received an email an hour later saying a power outage had knocked out the phone service.

Ah… yeah… never jump to conclusions.

Never “assume”… it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me” (ass-u-me).

Luckily, Barry and I complement each other well in a work situation. When he wanted to get upset, I was there to calm him down, and vice versa.

And, well, it was another chance to adapt, overcome and improvise.

As interviewers, and live event producers, there’s no other way to go. It never goes the way you expect… you just have to learn to expect the unexpected.

If need be, go ahead and yell, “May Day!” (especially if it’s May… one more day to go for that!) 😉

But then settle back down, and take the next step to fix what’s been done and move forward.

It’s the only way to make it in this world.

Keep Unwrapping The Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale