Mystics, Physics and Healers, Oh My

Barry and I interviewed Hay House author and psychic Sonia Choquette yesterday for Masters of the Secret. She’s the author of Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose: A Channeled Guide to Why You Are Here.

Here’s a full-length one-hour episode of a show called Bridging Heaven and Earth featuring Sonia:

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It was touch and go for awhile, because the first time we were supposed to interview her in June, we were given the wrong phone number to reach her on. At the time, Barry and I were living 3,000 miles apart, so he was going to play by Hay House’s wishes and call Sonia on her author’s line, then 3-way her into the live call.

Unfortunately that didn’t work, because we had another author’s phone number, so the call was a wash. Our community had a field day with that one: the psychic who didn’t know we had the wrong number. 😉

Yesterday we were set up to do the same thing again… except that we realized something at the last minute. Since both of us were using the same phone line, under the same roof now –and since one of us had to call in to the teleseminar line 20 minutes before the call started to allow other people to get on the line — that would mean, in order to 3-way someone in, she’d have to stick on the line for 20 minutes too.

We actually got a hold of Sonia on the correct phone line 20 minutes before the call — and she was game to stick it out — but Barry asked if she could dial in herself in about 15 minutes.

Oooh… tough call. Once you have a guest on the line you don’t want to lose them; but he took a chance and it turned out great.

Here’s something I’ll bet nobody listening in could have figured out; about 15 minutes into the call I was hit with severe stomach pains and had to stop for awhile. I ran into Barry’s office to motion for him to continue on his own, and he carried the interview for about another 15 minutes; then I got back on the line and back into the conversation like I had never left.

I was proud to have created my own “the show must go on” story… one of those inspiring tales where you say, “wow, that person is committed!”

Even the psychic didn’t have a clue! 😉

But of course, I gave her no reason to pick up on anything being wrong.

The most fascinating thing she kept saying — which most of us have heard but generally forget — is that there is no “Them”, as opposed to us, and thinking there is will always put roadblocks in your path towards enlightenment and greater personal power.

Segregation, wars, fights, arguments, anything that pits a conception of “them” vs. a conception of “us” is incorrect.

We are all connected; we are all one.

And… while we’re at it, there is no “out there” out there. It is all within you.

Keeping that in mind — and looking to heal my body by tapping into what is within me — today I went to see a local healer named Miguel Padilla.

I was looking for a solution to not only the stomach pains from last night, but ongoing digestive issues I’ve been fighting for years, which came back even stronger two months ago.

It was an interesting experience. He does physical and Shamanic healings based on aboriginal traditions, and he looks for bone misalignments that are associated with particular areas of the body that are ailing; like the concept of acupressure, where the physical manipulation spot is not the actual area of pain, but related through the complicated network of the body.

I heard bones cracking; I felt them going into place like they should. But it didn’t end up doing anything for my stomach, which was actually hurting more by the end than it was at the beginning.

He also did a session on Barry, and Barry did feel healed by it. Miguel was able to straighten out his neck and shoulders, as well as work on his feet, and Barry scrutinized the results hard before admitting he felt much better.

In general, I’d say that kind of healing is only for people with an open mind. Miguel works out of his house, in a very casual environment, and is incredibly laid back for a professional. Anyone expecting a pristine sterile hospital environment would have been a bit taken aback.

But it’s always worth it to search out new avenues and possibilities for taking care of our own issues. You never know when you’re going to hit the jackpot.

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Heather Vale