Healing Physically and Emotionally

We all know that physical problems you experience can affect us emotionally… when you’re in severe pain or are fighting an illness you get depressed, you get down, you might cry or ask, “why me?”

But did you know that emotional problems can also affect you physically?

And that some physical issues you might have right now could actually be caused by emotional blocks instead?

I just got up off the floor where I was listening to the best hypnotherapy CD I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve actually tested several of them lately… but this one really impressed me the most.

It was created by well-known clinical hypnotherapist and media personality, Wendi Friesen.

Here is a video of Wendi, explaining how hypnosis actually works by using driving as an example:

YouTube Preview Image

Wendi’s site has hypnotherapy CDs to help almost any ailment you can think of, from weight loss to alcoholism, quitting smoking (or other addictions), headaches, cancer and more.

The one I bought is called “Happy Tummy“… kind of a silly name, but very powerful in content.

She starts off talking about the relationship between emotions and abdominal pain, and how digestive disorders and afflictions like IBS or IBD come about.

Then she does a guided imagery-driven hypnosis that enabled me to unlock some answers that had previously been hidden from me, and experience some huge emotional breakthroughs.

First let me tell you why I prefer hypnotherapy CDs to almost any other type of hypnotherapy session:

1. Unlike downloadable audios, you can store them on your shelf with your other personal development resources or your other CDs, and you can play them easily in a home stereo system as well as your computer.

2. Unlike live hypnotherapy sessions, you pay only once and can experience the healing as often as you want, as many times as you want. Although some hypnosis may take effect with only one session, I believe the real power is in doing multiple sessions to overcome some stubborn blocks.

3. If you drift off or want to hear something again, you can easily just rewind it and listen again.

4. You can get the whole experience in the comfort of your own home, instead of driving to somebody’s office.

Now let me tell you what I liked about Wendi’s hypnotherapy CD in particular:

1. She started off with some important background info that was more powerful than on any other recordings I’ve heard.

2. She guided me through imagery and encouraged me to find the picture, while some hypnotherapists move right on to the next thing.

3. She gave me questions to ask the imagery, or my subconscious, that really got true answers back for me.

4. She followed the initial questions up with more questions, that allowed me to dive deeper into the problems and — more importantly — the solutions.

I actually ended up listening to it twice in one session, because it was so powerful that I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any part of it.

And I’ll be listening to it as often as I need to in order to completely heal myself.

And the cost?

Much less than the price you’d pay to get even one single live hypnotherapy session, so definitely worth every penny.

To see if Wendi has a program for you, visit her Wendi site here.

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