Holy Crap, Batman… It’s Outrageous!

Yesterday our customer service manager told me about a response to one of my emails that had come through the support desk. She had deleted it right away, but she giggled as she told me that someone had taken offense at my use of “Holy crap” in the subject line of a broadcast I sent to my list.

Well, holy crap! I wish I had seen the response, because it’s the second time it happened, and I wanted to see if it was the same guy.

But her reasoning for deleting it was that I had been called “ungodly” or some such thing for using the term, and she didn’t want me to see that. But then she found it so funny, she had to tell me after all.

Here’s the email I sent out Oct 3 that got the subscriber angry:

Subject: Holy crap, Peter… get the truth, the whole truth, at no cost!

Hi Peter,

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Want to find out how to get your Lamborghini?

Want to drive it on a road that’s going somewhere?

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If you’d like to join me on the trip, download this free
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Keep Unwrapping your online success!


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cheers, Heather Vale
Host of Internet Marketing Unwrapped

So I did a quick search of my email inbox and discovered that Keith Wellman, Tellman Knudson, and Mike Kemski of BANABU have all recently used the term “holy crap” in their email broadcasts — I wonder if they get digitally “yelled at” for it too?

I also found the first such response I got from a subscriber, back in January:


I wonder if you would consider using other expressions other than “Holy crap” which I find very offensive as a Christian. Also “freakin’ ” is just a substitute for the famous “F” word.

First of all, I know what “freaking” is a substitute for… and that’s why I used it instead of the “famous” F-word.

Secondly, what’s wrong with “holy crap”?

If we’re going to be literal about it — and if crap means turd (often I use “crap” to mean “junk” or “garbage” too, but let’s just stick with the turd for now), why can’t crap be holy?

If a “holy man” or “holy woman” goes to the toilet, is that not a holy crap?

You would think a self-professed Christian knows people he considers holy, like his Priest or Reverend or Preacher, or whatever he calls it in that particular Christian religion.

And other religions have holy figureheads as well.

And they all must take holy craps, right? Even the man who gave Christians their name (i.e. Christ) must have taken them.

And in fact… by the Universal view of life, we are all spiritual god-like beings, and therefore we are all holy, and therefore every crap is holy.

If that thought offends you… just try opening your mind and your heart a little bit, and check out some of the profound views on God and religion in our LWL God Forum.

But now, let’s get off the literal “crap” trip.

We all remember the original Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin.

Every episode it was “Holy this, Batman!” and “Holy that, Batman!” You think of it… and Robin said “Holy (that something)” at least once.

So was that offensive to Christians too? And if so, why did the series run so long without any protests that I’ve ever heard of?

And if “Holy this and that, Batman!” is not offensive… why is “Holy crap”?

Just because it’s crap?

Come on, people, crap is a natural part of life. Crap is not one of the seven words you can’t say on TV, as defined by George Carlin many years ago… which have now diminished to perhaps two words, and only if it’s network TV and not cable.

And… not only that… but “holy crap” is a very well-accepted expression of amazement, and nothing more.

My mission is to unwrap the mysteries of life… not pussyfoot around innocent words like crap, or phrases referring to “holy” stuff.

The fact that I don’t believe in religious deities the way organized religions like to portray them is not the point. I’m an equal opportunity investigator, offender, and inspirer.

So if anyone doesn’t like my style… well, holy crap, let them find another Unwrapper! 😉

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale

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