Getting To The Bottom of Autumn

Have you ever noticed there’s only one season that has two names: Autumn, otherwise known as Fall?

Spring and Fall kind of describe what’s going on in nature at the time; the flowers spring from the ground in the Spring, and the leaves fall to the ground in the Fall.

And it always kind of seemed to me that “Autumn” must be the original name, and “Fall” was a slang name made up just for that descriptive reason; so let’s get to the “Bottom of Autumn”.

Park From Heather's OfficeRight now, as I look outside my office window, I have a gorgeous view of Riverside Park, alongside the Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon (shown to the left… I actually just took that shot on my camera phone).

My last home office didn’t overlook anything; it was in downtown Toronto, a city of millions of people, and I would have overlooked mainly buildings; but I didn’t even have a window.

Actually, my new view really inspires me and allows me to work in joy and gratitude all the time.

And as I watch the colored leaves fall, I’m filled with a mix of emotions.

In the past, the Autumn season has always made me a little melancholy. It’s traditionally the end of fun, back to work and school, ever-cooling weather, and the need to think about what kind of jacket or sweater to bring or wear.

In fact, I’ve always kind of thought it would be great to live somewhere that had Summer weather all year round.

But Barry just said to me that he’s so glad we live somewhere that has four seasons.

When I asked him why, he said, “Because it represents change. People are afraid of change, but the changing seasons get them used to it so they’re ready for bigger changes in their lives, too.”

I thought that was a beautiful sentiment, and suddenly I felt very inspired to be living somewhere that I could experience change too.

After all, I just went through some huge life changes myself.

I moved 3,000 miles, to a different city and a different country, and ended up in a different relationship. I went from having many cats to having none, then one, then two (and it’s stopping at two this time). I’ve struggled with getting settled, and figuring out the logistics… and it’s all been potentially scary stuff that a lot of people would have shied away from.

(Ooh, scary stuff… perfect for Halloween!)

Then Barry added something else.

He said, “The Universe is cleaning out its clutter by shedding the old leaves, just like we need to clean out our own mental clutter. It’s a renewal process.”

Yes, indeed. Fall’s not about death, it’s about renewal.

It’s about cleaning out our mental clutter and getting refreshed.

And it’s about starting over, taking on new goals and dreams, and getting ready to accomplish something big.

So it’s perfect that “back to school” and “back to work” happens in Autumn. What better time to take on learning, growing and developing than exactly the time when the Universe is de-cluttering?

I like to talk about the importance of looking at the big picture, or the forest, instead of focusing on the trees. And that’s where real clarity comes into play.

When we look at one tree, we might feel sad because its losing its leaves.

But when we look at the whole forest, we see the renewal and the positive change and the clearing of the clutter on a grand scale.

So Happy Halloween… and enjoy the refreshment of getting to the Bottom of Autumn.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life,

Heather Vale

One comment to “Getting To The Bottom of Autumn”
One comment to “Getting To The Bottom of Autumn”
  1. Hi Heather, It certainly is a joy to be able to talk with you. My question would be, will you even get this email. You must be so extremely busy. I really would like to commend you and Barry on what you do. I am so inspired !! It is great to listen to the great interviews! YOu are both so good at what you do, the passion shows!! Anyway, I am going to my 1st Seminar which also happens to be Free. I am going to see James Ray. I am so excited. He is one of my favorites! My 18yr old son may come wife …not so sure..It is hard to get them involved and I am not such a great communicator. What a beautiful view out your window. Could I add that one to my serenity pictures folder? It would fit so nice. Well, its been an honor to speak with you Thanks again for the great insight!!! Go Bless!!

    Joe DeMario

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