To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Last night my back was hurting me after doing a bunch of physical work, and before I could even think too hard about it, the next thing you know I’m face down on the floor getting a wonderful hour-long massage from Barry.

As I was enjoying the treatment, I made sure to tell him how grateful I was. And he told me that I was living the life of my dreams because of all the time I spent thinking about it before. That led me to a profound new thought:

To live the life of your dreams… you have to dream it first.

If you’re not dreaming about the life you want to live… how will you know when you get it?

Part of what has become my dream life came from interviewing people.

And on Monday, when I’m in Las Vegas with Barry experiencing more things I’ve only dreamed about, you’ll have the chance to find out from me live why that is… and how you can do it too.


Monday I’m being interviewed about interviewing again… but for the first time, it’s in public. I’ll be a featured speaker on the award-winning series, Wonderful Web Women.

My topic is “Conducting Content-Rich Interviews for High-Demand, Profit-Pulling Products”.

Yes, that’s right… “The Unwrapper” (that’s me) is being unwrapped, live.

When I first decided that I wanted to be on TV — not as an actor, which I had already tried and rejected, but as a show host — I was pretty rough. I was scared to be on camera, and I didn’t know how to ask questions or listen to answers. My first interview that played on TV was pathetic, and it was hard for me to watch.

But I did watch it… and then and there that I decided my dream was to get a LOT better than what I was seeing from myself, to become a great show host, and a great interviewer. So I set out to accomplish that.

Being an interviewer has helped my communication skills, in all areas of my life. It has helped me boost my self-esteem, and develop better critical thinking skills. It has allowed me to meet wonderful people, get access to goldmines of information, become known in various niches, and hone my writing and speaking skills.

It has also allowed me to share knowledge with the world, and make a difference one person at a time, by creating products and broadcasts filled with quality, hard-to-find content.

I dare say I would not be the person I am today — living the life of my dreams with my partner-in-truth — if I were not an interviewer.

But that’s just part of what I’d like to share with the audience on Monday.

Wonderful Web Women is a teleseminar series hosted by Janet Beckers from Australia. When they first launched, I had several people tell me I should be featured on it… and Janet agreed with them, so Monday is my day to do it.

It’s quite an honor, since some of the other featured “Web Women” were Rosalind Gardner, Kristi Sayles, and Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero.

Of course, what I’m going to reveal about interviewing really depends on what Janet asks me… because contrary to popular belief, every interview is totally different based on what the interviewer wants to cover.

It’s like a dance between two people, with both bringing thoughts, ideas and content to the table. So my interview with Joe Vitale is nothing like Barry’s interview with Joe Vitale, and Janet’s interview with me will be nothing like Joshua Shafran‘s or Joe Rubino‘s interview with me.

We’ll be creating powerful, unique content on the fly… or, “at the speed of sound” as Alex Mandossian likes to say.

If you’d like to listen in and hear the tables turned on me for once — and maybe even get the chance to ask me a question live yourself — sign up for details at the Wonderful Web Women site.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life… and Interviewing!

Heather Vale

One comment to “To Live The Life Of Your Dreams”
One comment to “To Live The Life Of Your Dreams”
  1. Hi Heather
    I absolutely loved our call this morning (well, evening for you). I must admit I was a bit nervous. After all I was about to interview a woman who had earned her reputation as the best interviewer on the internet. Talk about pressure!
    What I realised is that the reason you have earned your reputation is because of your generosity and your skill in listening. As well as learning and being inspired, I felt that even as an interviewee you were actually listening to me as the interviewer as well!
    Thank you for your time and the wonderful value you gave to our members at Wonderful Web Women.

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