The Power of Instant Manifestation

I’m eating a sugar-free Twizzlers strawberry twist right now… the same brand of red licorice that used to be my absolute favorite when I was a kid.

I had to buy the package — in fact, I had to buy TWO packages — because it instantly manifested in front of my eyes.

Now in case you’re thinking, “poof, there it is!” when I talk about instant manifestation happening right before my eyes… that’s not how it works, and that’s not what happened.

It’s magical, but it’s not magic.

Editor’s Note — Added After Publication: In a humorously synchronistic event that completely jives with the vibe of this post, Barry was just reading this and said, “Hey, didn’t you know that 2 1/2 years ago, I ended my Manifesting Mindset e-book with a similar phrase?”

No, I didn’t know that… but what he wrote was “It’s Not Magic… But It Can Be Magical!” 😉

When you see a magician make something appear before your eyes, it really didn’t. It just looks like it did, through an illusion. That “illusion” (and some illusions are more illusionary than others) is what we call magic.

But when you manifest something, and suddenly it’s in front of you, it’s not quite an illusion… except for the fact that, on a quantum physics level, all of reality is an illusion. But the thing you’re manifesting is as real as our reality allows it to be, hence the word “manifest”. It’s just that the experience, the way that real thing becomes part of your reality, is magical.

I know, it might seem like I’m talking in circles, or not making sense… or even a little loopy. Okay, so let me clarify.

Here’s the story of how it went down…

This afternoon I was looking at a bag of sugar-free Reese’s mini Peanut Butter Cups that I bought the other day. Those are amazing too, by the way. And the reason I picked them up is because Barry had gone out the morning before and bought several packs of leftover Halloween candy… but all of them were regular sugar-laden varieties.

Knowing that I don’t eat sugar, he had looked for some sugar-free candies for me, but wasn’t really focused on that… so he didn’t find any.

I kept looking at the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups he had bought, and thinking, “Wow, I miss those… I wish they made sugar-free ones.”

Anyhow, the next day we were in another store, and I saw exactly what I had wished for… sugar-free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Obviously I bought them, and Barry said, “Hey, I didn’t know they made those!” Neither did I… but it was just what I had “ordered”.

Then today when I was looking at the package, I noticed that they had a list of other Hershey’s sugar-free products. The one that stuck out to me immediately was the Twizzlers.

“Sugar-free Twizzlers!” I thought… “That’s exactly what I had wished they made the last time we were at the movie theater!”

Of course, just like the Peanut Butter Cups, I didn’t know before that they made sugar-free Twizzlers… but I had wanted them nonetheless.

So tonight we were in WalMart, picking up a wardrobe cupboard that I ordered online. We went past the candy aisle, and Barry said, “I wonder if they have any sugar-free stuff?”

I turned to him with a twinkle in my eye and said, “Well, apparently Hershey makes a whole bunch of sugar-free candy… including, get this — Twizzlers! Sugar-free Twizzlers! But I’ve never seen them before…”

And as I said that, I turned around. And literally, as the words “never seen them before” left my mouth, my eyes landed on the sugar-free Twizzlers hanging on display.

“Ha! There they are! That was a fast manifestation!” I said.

Yup… it was magical.

Not magic… but magical. Awe-inspiring. Joy-inducing.

And that’s actually the power of “instant” manifestation… appreciating what comes. Savoring the feeling of joy.

These little things happen all the time, and most people write them off as “coincidences” or “lucky breaks”. That kind of thinking doesn’t make you feel like anything special has just happened, so you go through life being cynical instead of happy.

Last week, Barry and I were in Las Vegas, walking through a casino, and we had a similar experience. It was our first night in town, and we walked to dinner at a place in The Venetian recommended by a local, which happened to be the same place Barry had wanted to take a special woman (something he thought about the last time he was there, 18 months ago, but had since forgotten about until the stranger reminded him).

When we reached that resort, we couldn’t find the restaurant, so we asked a friendly-looking guy who was working in the casino. He told us about the history of the place, and walked us over to where he could point it out (these casinos are pretty big) before bidding us adieu.

After dinner, we were looking for somewhere to play a roll of quarters that we had brought along — but we noticed that all the slot machines took bills and tickets, not coins. Coin-operated slot machines are such a part of our media-influenced consciousness that we had assumed they’d be there, but apparently that’s an old-fashioned design.

Barry said, “I’m sure there must be machines somewhere in here that take quarters… we just need to find our guy again.”

And as the words “find our guy again” left his mouth, I pointed straight ahead… because right in front of us, he had just emerged from behind a row of machines.

Yes, another instant manifestation, as synchronistic as the red licorice.

And yes, it turns out there were six machines hidden in the back that still took quarters… and he took us right to them.

In case four such experiences within a week or so is not enough, we’ve got one more.

A few days ago, Barry had been thinking that we should be outsourcing our audio editing, because it often takes too much of my time.

Then he came across a report on an internet marketing site telling how to — you guessed it, outsource audio editing jobs.

Now, what are the odds that a “make money online” report would use finding audio editors as their main case study examples when that’s exactly what he was looking for? There are tons of elements regarding making money that they could have focused on instead — especially since many people don’t edit their audios at all — but they chose the one that we’ve never seen anyone focus on before.

And not only that, they were showing how to find audio editors on Rent-A-Coder… a site that is mostly inhabited by coders and programmers, hence the name — and probably the last place we would have thought of to post an audio editing job. So it wasn’t just a rehash of stuff we already knew — it was very valuable info that we needed to know, and wanted to know, and had thought about knowing.

Okay, so back to the power of instant manifestation.

It’s not so much that something “just appears” in front of you… it’s that your attention is always drawn to what you focus on. My eyes landed exactly on the Twizzlers, while everything around them was out of focus to me, because that’s precisely what I was focused on, with joy and anticipation, in that moment.

I used to do “Find-A-Word” puzzles the same way when I was a kid. I would look at the word in the list, then glance up at the puzzle full of letters, and 99% of the time my eyes would land exactly on that word. Yes, it was magical — and I could complete those puzzles in record time, even as a child.

It’s time to start noticing these little synchronistic events in your life, if you haven’t already.

AND it’s time to really start appreciating each one… feeling joy, feeling gratitude, feeling love for each little one.

If you go through your day appreciating the little things you manifest, two things will happen:

1. You’ll be happy, because you’re appreciating what you have.

2. You’ll manifest bigger and better things, because the feeling of gratitude is an incredibly powerful manifesting emotion.

Usually “instant manifestation” is about the little things in life; everything has a gestation period (that’s the Law of Gender) and bigger things tend to have a longer gestation… but once you get on a roll with the little things, you’ll find the bigger things come relatively quickly too.

Just be sure to enjoy everything you get!

Now if you’re thinking this is a bunch of woo-woo stuff… maybe you’d like to hear some real-world, tell-it-like-it-is teachers give it to you in an interactive format.

And I don’t know any better place to get those hard-to-ignore lessons than in our Masters of the Secret Platinum package… I especially recommend the interviews with Bob Doyle, John Demartini, and our Secret Master #4 (sorry, can’t tell you who that is… but that interview alone has changed a lot of lives) 😉

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life,

Heather Vale

7 comments to “The Power of Instant Manifestation”
7 comments to “The Power of Instant Manifestation”
  1. Heather,

    Just FYI re: sugar free products. Most of them have some form of aspartame in them. Aspartame is said to break down into formaldyhyde in the body. Apparently the entire medical board for FDA did not approve it….but FDA went ahead and put it on the market anyway. There is a lot of info out there. You may want to check it out and draw your own conclusion re: eating sugar free products.



  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks, but I already have researched and drawn my own conclusions! 😉

    I’m not recommending sugar-free products for anyone else, but sugar is very hard to digest for most people, and definitely for myself. So it’s a choice based on how the sugar affects my body… and after almost 10 years of eating NOTHING processed whatsoever, I have decided that I can enjoy a sugar-free treat now and then.

    Yes, all processed and manufactured food is unhealthy for us in one way or another… but we choose our own “evils” in life (I’m not a fan of that word, but can’t think of a better one at the moment), and if you enjoy things in moderation, that’s really the key (both the enjoyment and the moderation, so I guess that’s two keys).


  3. Hi Thomas,

    Our “Secret Masters” are those who did NOT appear in the movie “The Secret”… so #4 is the 4th mentor on the download page who was not in the movie.

    If you’re not sure, he’s two down from Bob Doyle.


  4. While I was travelling, one of my ears started itching.
    I needed earbuds for cleaning and I was not carrying any.
    Just then a vendor appeared before me with several small
    toys and gadgets and among them, ear-buds and I was amazed to see him asking me whether I needed earbuds, holding a packet towards me. I was literally stunned and I did not
    forget to thank God to percieve me need and manifest it before me. I was a “miracle” or “magical”.

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