Tapping Into The Inner Child

Barry and Heather photo boothYesterday Barry and I went to Ashland for a craft fair, did some Christmas shopping, then headed up to Medford.

In Medford, we spent an hour or two getting lost in the Barnes & Noble bookstore… where he instantly manifested several types of books he was looking for.

The first one was a book that had a similar format to another he had wanted to find, that was to serve as inspiration for the formatting of my upcoming Success Unwrapped book. And even though he had never seen or heard of this book he picked up, it was exactly what we needed — and it only took a few minutes to find it.

Then he wanted a research book that was newer and went deeper than the one he had already picked up, on a topic we’re going to write about… and moments after putting the first one back on the shelf, he found it.

But his manifesting abilities were not perfect… we had a bet over the color of a new cat bed we picked up, and whether it was the same color as the one we had. He said yes, and if he was right, I would have had to do five nights of both cooking and cleaning.

I said no — the old one was slightly greener than the new one — and if I was right, he would have to give me five nights of massages.

Well, turns out I manifested that one… so massage week, here we come!

Then we went to the mall, and found a photo booth… which we’ve actually been looking for for quite awhile. We tried several in Las Vegas a few weeks back, but they just kept taking our money and not giving us any pictures back (typical Las Vegas!) 😉

So this time we did it, and the results are here!

It was fun, because it’s something I haven’t done since high school… or maybe even earlier. But sometimes you need to relive your childhood. In fact, there are a lot of things children do better than many of us. Like visualization, questioning, and “acting as if”.

And… learning lessons, too. Here are the lessons I learned from the day:

Expect miracles, and often you’ll get them.

Open your mind, and the right solution will present itself.

Stick to your guns, follow your intuition, and you’ll always win… even if you have to lose first.

Remember to have fun, and even be a little silly, no matter what you do.

Uncover your inner child, and they will help you have that fun.

All in all, it was a fabulous day… and like the trim on our photo booth shots, it was a great reminder of the start of the holiday season (and I got almost all my Christmas shopping done, too!)

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries — and Fun — of Life!

Heather Vale