He’s Pulling Back the Curtain

Click Here to OrderYou know Joel Comm, right?

(That’s his picture to the left!) 😉

I was his co-host last summer on The Next Internet Millionaire, the web’s first competitive reality show…

He’s the guy who figured out how to actually make real money with Google AdSense, and wrote a New York Times best-selling book about it…

And now he’s released another book, where he reveals the stories and secrets of ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things online!

And it’s yours, along with a bonus pack, if you order now by clicking here!

This isn’t about one specific way to make money online like his last book was… instead, he’s gone to 40 of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the world to find out:

  • Why did they decide to start selling online?
  • What were they doing before that?
  • What specific, duplicatable qualities made them successful?

(That’s so that you can achieve what they did, too!) 😉

And he also dug deep to give us the history of the true trailblazers who “laid the tracks” so the Internet, and all the related elements we take for granted today, could be developed, enjoyed and used in our businesses every day.

He’s given us the inside scoop on:

  • The guy who predicted hypertext… in 1945??? (Geez, that’s before the book 1984 was even written!)
  • The first spam message, unleashed in 1982.
  • The inventor of the modern browser, the “key” that makes internet marketing what it is today.

What was the mindset of those early pioneers?  How many of them are still active in the marketplace today?

Find out in this book!

It’s called, appropriately, Click Here To Order.

You’ll also discover…

  • How the Army helped Mark Joyner become a millionaire… and how he could have learned the lesson without the Army! (page 129)
  • Why Declan Dunn became known as “the online guy”. (page 64)
  • The event where the “Unknown Copywriter” was born… Do you know who it is?  Maybe you were even there! (page 79)
  • The fourteen year old girl who started a simple website that will pay her way through college! (page 86)
  • One of today’s top marketers who walked out of a job interview at IBM because the interviewer didn’t like his tie… Seriously! (page 181)

If you want to figure out how these “average Joes” learned how to turn their computers into ATMs — and how you can do the same thing — then you will definitely want to claim your copy of this book!

Joel is known for doing things with quality and consistency… so you know this is a book that you just absolutely will not want to put down until you devour it, cover to cover!

Click here to order Click Here To Order 😉

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale