A Special Day…

Today is a very special day!

First of all, it’s my birthday… and not just any birthday, but the big 4-0!

They say 40 is the new 30, and funny enough I feel better about turning 40 than I did about turning 30.  And don’t get me started on turning 20, that was very traumatic! 😉

But it’s also special because something happened that thousands have been anxiously awaiting… my buddy Vince Tan just launched his history-making Biggest Firesale, which is now live for a very short time.

Believe it or not, he’s spent the better part of a year convincing over 100 top marketers (including Barry and myself… also our friends and colleagues Ian Del Carmen, Harris Fellman, Kevin Wilke, Simon Leung, Eric Holmlund, Ewen Chia, Jason James, Jeff Wellman, Frank Sousa, Terry Dean, Reed Floren, Joel Comm, and a ton of others) to put their best-selling products into this Firesale.

Yeah… not just regular “crap”, but products that we all sell for real money, every day! (Phew! Nice work, Vince!  I thought I had a busy year!)

Yes, he had to bribe, plead, beg, twist arms, and generally continually bug marketers to get involved.  It’s not easy to make someone give away their best products!

And I have to tell you that the end result is AMAZING.

I have never seen an offer like this before… over $9,000 worth of marketing and personal development products, just waiting for you to practically steal them (and I do mean STEAL).

There’s no way for me to do this offer the justice it deserves by writing about it here — so go ahead and see for yourself what Vince managed to pull off for you with his Biggest Firesale.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

6 comments to “A Special Day…”
6 comments to “A Special Day…”
  1. I do not have a Web Site yet, because I am still looking gor my NICHE. Heather, I’m sure all of this works, but I am not a big reader and this sounds like that would be what I am purchasing. I thought it was products that I could possibly get into. I have a BIG porblem with how in the world do you get customers to find you? My friend had a store for 1 year, not one single sale? I did not like the products or the TURN key Company. Anyways, maybe you can explain a little better, exactly what are you offering? There are so many emails that I receive and I can not beleive every one and jump on the so called band wagon. I would love more than anything in this world to latch onto a deal and make some money , because no pity, but HEATHER, I am in for some big hospital bills, doctor bills, etc., I need a different life and I can not afford subcribing to Books and CDS, it is a waste of time for me, no disrespect to you.
    Thank you, Sharon

  2. Hi Heather
    Many happy returns & congratulations to Barry on being with what the English say “Mature wine”.
    I hope the last does not offend you, as I always use it with my already mature Noor.
    Best years to come without the bail out nonesense
    >Shintaro & Noor

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Actually the products for sale are tools as much as info-products, but you’d have to look through the offerings to see if they would help you where you are in your business.

    Yes, some of them will help you to get traffic to your site as well (and if you feel getting ready to run your business is a waste of time, or that you “can’t afford” it, then perhaps you are not meant to be in business for yourself, because there is always time, energy and/or money involved in doing something well).

    Just click on the “Biggest Firesale” link above to take a look (I can’t write about all 100 products here, but you should know that you likely wouldn’t use ALL of them… if you make use of just a few, it’s still a great deal).


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