I’m Twitter-Pated

There was a song in an old Disney movie that we learned in Grade 3:

Everything is Twitter-pated in the spring,
Skunks smell sweet, rabbits sing.
Daffodils go daffy when the bluebells ring,
Cuz everyone’s in love!

I’m not sure if that’s how Twitter got its name, but I know it IS easy to get infatuated with the thing… I joined up within seconds had a ton of people following me.  I watched it go from 20 to 24 to 42 to… well, you can find out how many it is now by checking out my profile.

Yes, that’s right… I finally signed up for Twitter.  It’s an experiment to see what its usefulness really is…

So far I can see that the back link to this blog is great for SEO considerations, and in turn the back link from this blog to my Twitter page will help get traffic there.

And it’s pretty cool that I connected with several people that I haven’t talked to in awhile, and did so within the first few minutes of creating my profile… before my picture was even uploaded.

And it’s fun to read the little messages that people put up, and to answer them back.  Then again, I can see how that could become a huge time waster (like I need something to waste my time when it’s at a premium right now… my computer time is handled in chunks in between feeding, changing and playing with Konan, when he’s sleeping and I should be too!)

Of course, if those messages are used for business purposes, it could get valuable back links AND drive real human traffic to whatever website you want to “Twitter” about.

And if they’re for personal reasons, it’s a lot better than chat because you can communicate with just one or two messages to several people in only a few minutes, rather than getting caught up in an hour-long conversation with one.

Still, I’ll wait before I recommend it to Barry, because he doesn’t see the point, and I need to be able to give a definitive endorsement first.

But do connect with me in the meantime at Twitter.com/HeatherVale

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Heather Vale Goss