Banish Fear, Anxiety and Worry!

Let’s face it…

You can’t face the future until you control your fears, and that’s the NUMBER ONE problem most entrepreneurs have that holds them back from the success they deserve.

Fear of not growing. Fear of missing out. Fear of failure. And yes, even the seemingly silly (yet ever-so-present) fear of success! (And that’s really a fear of the unknown, or a fear of things not staying the same… a fear of leaving the comfort zone.)

Now, IF you struggle with fear, anxiety, panic, or worry, Barry and I found a site that will really help you out. Banish your fears by clicking here.

Whether it be passing fears that force you not to act, or full-blown panic attacks, this site has some valuable advice (at least sign up for the free e-course. I just read the first lesson and the tips are something you can use for the rest of your life!)

Most of us do have fears on some level that we deal with on a daily basis.

I remember when I was afraid to act on stage. I loved the camera, but live audiences were another story. Then I was fine with acting, because I could play a character, but I couldn’t give a speech or talk about myself.  My voice would quiver, my hands would sweat, my heart would thump, and my face would flush.

Then I went to Toastmasters for two years, got the highest award level possible (the Distinguished Toastmaster, or DTM), and overcame those fears too.

Then it was a fear of doing my first live teleseminar (which I obviously did anyhow, and many more to follow). And a fear of speaking in front of other internet marketers, in case they knew more than I did (but I overcame that one too).

So fears are normal, but if they hold you back, you need to face them and overcome them…

Still, that might not be the case for you. If you do NOT struggle with those things at all, then congratulations… and you DO NOT need to go to that site. It’s only for people with fear, anxiety, worry, or panic issues.

We may research, write about, and coach people on this topic more extensively in the future.  It’s one of the most fascinating things that rules our lives, and we love diving deeper into that sort of thing.

For now though, we can help you SUCCEED online by helping you sell your products better; by helping you optimize e-commerce processes that may be slowing you down.

If you have an existing online marketing business, and sell your own product or service, let us know by clicking the BUSINESS CONSULTATION radio button on this website.

We’ve sold millions of dollars online over the past four years, and we can guide, mentor, and support you in ways you may not even imagine.

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Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

3 comments to “Banish Fear, Anxiety and Worry!”
3 comments to “Banish Fear, Anxiety and Worry!”
  1. Heather very nice post, Just got done posting on basically the same thing.

    I remember the fear I was facing the day I asked you for an interview and then going to my hotel room that night wondering what in the heck I just did. Especially once I started researching you and came across the Barbra Walters of the Internet!

    Those words met me with such force that night and I almost called the interview off.

    I soon decided they were just words on a website and they were of no threat to me.

    The only thing that was threatening me was me and my fear of failing and looking like a moron, and failing to meet my son’s (Keith Wellman) expectations of his Father.

    Well if I was going to fail I decided I would fail big and just get it over with. Geesh I found out it was not the easiest thing I ever did but I found out that interviewing you did not hurt at all. Heck I even did 4 more the same day with other marketers and I was able to complete my product Layoff Your Boss

    It seems we face not only the fear of failure or fear of success, we also face big ugly giants in our path that just seem to be so unbeatable so we quick make a U_turn and run while we feel we still can in search of a differrent path only to find the same giant greeting us on the new road to success.

    We have faced a lot of giants in our life and have beaten them bu this one seems so much bigger than the last. I think if we really looked at the last giant we will see it seemed just as big and we found a way to defeat it.

    If not then maybe we need to stop giving so many victories to the giants and take them down.

    Most brick walls we face are self made or made by others in our life and they were built one brick at a time. It is the only way you can build a brick wall that I know of.

    Great thing about taking them down is that you can blow them up and they come down with one big bang, or if you prefer you take them back down one brick at a time. but they all can come down.

    Thank you for being one of those people that holds the ladder while others climb Over their giants or by digging in and helping others take the walls apart one brick at a time.

    You helped me blow up my walls even though I seen you as one of the big scary giants at first glance LOL!

    Jeff Wellman

  2. Hi Heather

    There are a lot of fears as you say “Fear of missing out. Fear of failure.” As much as I hate to say it or even think it I have them too. We can let them defeat us or we can become their masters and have them stimulate us to action.
    I choose the second.


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