How Sexy Is Your Back End?

This morning Ben Mack and I had a conversation on Twitter about book marketing… it started with him saying, “A book without a reader is like sex without an orgasm,” and me replying that, “No, a book without a reader is like pleasuring yourself (just like musicians or artists who create just “for themselves”).”

After a few back-and-forths and some other associates getting involved in the exchange, he mentioned that when marketing  a book, “having a sexy backend helps motivate affiliates.”

I said, “LOL… tell me more about the sexy backends!”

And here’s the presentation he made in response… so how sexy is YOUR back end?

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

One comment to “How Sexy Is Your Back End?”
One comment to “How Sexy Is Your Back End?”
  1. OMG Heather,

    This is connected to my next rant of the day. Like i said I am not normally a ranting person. Most of my time is spent creating things or my head stuck in the back end of a site somewhere.

    Can’t allow myself to start here, already got one going LOL.
    Don’t know if I will love myself or hate myself in the morning.

    Brad West ~ onomoney

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