If You’re Free Next Weekend… So Is This!


Isn’t it nice when people recognize the state of the economy and offer you something for free that they normally charge for?

Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose are putting on one of their famous live seminars next weekend — and this time you pay nothing to attend. Zilch, zip, nada!

If you live in the Atlanta area, even better — you can stay at home and attend from there. If you have to travel, you’ll obviously need to pay for the hotel, but they’ve negotiated some rock-bottom rates for you there too.

If you’re in a hurry, you can see the Gateway to Wealth sign-up page here; if you’d like my insight and guidance on how to make this experience the best possible, then keep reading…

I know both Keith and Gary; I’ve interviewed them both, and met them both face-to-face.

In fact, I met them both at live seminars sort of like this one… and what you don’t usually see on the sales pages for these events is that the networking


opportunities (with the speakers AND with other attendees) is really priceless.

We internet entrepreneurs spend far too much time sitting behind our computers, not interacting with other people — live seminars change all that and level the playing field between you and others who are all doing, or wanting to do, the same thing: run a successful online business from home.

I know so many other online marketers who really made their names in the industry, and put together their first joint ventures, by attending live seminars and talking to people there.

This one happens to have a lot of solid speakers that will teaching you how to build online wealth, and many of them I can personally vouch for as well:

  • Joel Comm (interviewed him, worked as his co-host on The Next Internet Millionaire, partnered with him on a product)
  • Anik Singal (interviewed him twice, and he has brainstormed with Barry on the phone numerous times)
  • Russell Brunson (interviewed him and communicated one-on-one through email)
  • John Hostler (met in person at a live seminar)
  • Liz Tomey (interviewed her and communicated with her by phone and email)

Some of the other speakers I’ve been introduced to in passing, and I know their reputations in the industry. They include Christine Comaford, Mike Stewart, Shaun Casey and Jeff Dedrick.

So basically what I’m saying is that I’ve worked with, met or communicated with nearly all the experts who will be there, and I can tell you that they are good people who want to see you succeed.

In short, I know you’d benefit greatly by attending this seminar if you’re in the process of building your online business.

So how does the “free” thing work, when most seminars of this calibre charge you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to attend?

Well, you need to put a down payment of $97 on your credit card to show your commitment to attend. Then when you either a) forward them your flight information or b) show up at the door (if you don’t have to fly in), they credit that $97 right back to your credit card. So you pay nothing.

This is the model that Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center uses, and I attended one of his seminars that worked this way, back when I was first starting out in internet marketing… and it was definitely one of the best things I ever did as far as making connections to further my business.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking: “Oh, great, another pitch-fest!”

So here’s what I say to that:

I would never call something a “pitch-fest” when you’re getting 90 minutes of content for every 15 minutes of pitch.

But yes, since the event is free, and the speakers are speaking free, they will offer you their products for sale, in case you want to educate yourself further in their particular area of expertise.

Of course, even at the high-priced seminars the speakers will pitch their products; that’s how they get paid for sharing their expertise with you.

When the seminar is free, I’m completely cool with that.

But some people have a tendency to get on a “seminar high” and buy more than they ever need. Here’s how to prevent that from happening:

1. Look over the list of speakers beforehand, and decide who you really resonate with; who, if any, are teaching a topic that you specifically want to know more about?

2. Take notes during their presentation (as well as all the presentations you attend) and figure out if you can go home and make something happen based on what they’ve taught you.

If yes, you probably don’t need to buy their product. If no, or if you’ve learned a lot but know you’ll benefit even more from what’s in their product, go ahead and make the investment.

3. Plan on NOT buying anything from any of the speakers that you haven’t targetted before you go as teachers that you want to learn more from.

No spur-of-the-moment purchase; if you like Pay-per-Click marketing, know that you might buy from Anik Singal, or if you want to build a list, know that you might buy from Jeff Dedrick, but you don’t need to buy from them both.

When people buy too many products, they usually either a) don’t use them or b) read them all, and get paralyzed by information overload.

Either way, they don’t benefit from what they’ve purchased.

The key to success is to invest your time, energy and money wisely and selectively.

Buy and consume only what you need, and then apply what you learn.

Follow these tips — as well as the advice to network with others of like mind in any live face-to-face situation — and you’ll benefit tremendously from attending the right live seminars.

Reserve your spot and open the Gateway to Wealth in Atlanta here.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

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