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If you’ve ever wondered why so many people are using online video to do their marketing lately… it’s because it works!

People are getting 50% conversions on their opt-in pages by using video… and in fact, just adding video to an already existing landing page is increasing opt-ins or sales by two or even three times.

Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt is a former fighter pilot and friend of video marketing guru Frank Kern‘s, who has figured out the ins and outs, ups and downs of video marketing, including the most effective length, how to get people to take action, where to host your videos, how to get them to rank on Google, and more.

He’s compiled it all into the easy-to-read Quick Video Marketing Report, which he calls the “Fastest possible way to go from ZERO to Hero…” and now he’s giving it away for free.

At first I thought it was just going to be a marketing piece — you know, just enough teasing to whet your appetite for buying something more. But I was surprised at how much information, including tools and resources, he included in the report.

Some of it reminds me of what video expert Mike Koenigs taught the contestants on The Next Internet Millionaire (as the co-host of the show, I got to sit in on all the teacher presentations)… and of course that would make sense, because Mike is also a friend and colleague of Frank’s.

But Jeff did a lot of research and mind-numbing testing and tracking on his own, so he also includes tons of stuff I’ve never seen before (and I appreciate that he did all that testing, because I don’t have the patience for it myself!)

It’s enough video marketing training to allow you to start writing scripts and creating powerful results-driven videos right away, no matter what level of experience you have (or don’t have).

He even gives you some clever ways to alter your YouTube embed code to make it work more effectively for you, and tells you what you need to do to optimize your landing pages.

If you don’t have a video camera, he might have your solution to that too… he’s giving away a brand new Flip Ultra to one lucky winner who just signs up via email, or retweets his message on Twitter. That could be one sweet tweet! 😉

You’ll also get the 6 Spokes of Social Success free traffic checklist, with a flowchart showing how to set up your traffic sources, some videos (of course!) and more.

All at no cost to you.

Grab your Quick Video Marketing tools here.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

2 comments to “Free Video Marketing Training…”
2 comments to “Free Video Marketing Training…”
  1. Heather-

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the report. I hope that it will help new marketers really get a leg up and know what it takes to succeed using video. Just follow the steps.

    – Herschy

    P.S. Good luck winning the camera!

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