Swimming Out of the Comfort Zone

Today Konan went for his first official swimming lesson. He’s had a few off-the-cuff sessions, and lots of flutterboard time, at the health club pool, but this was the first with a teacher directing all the action.

While he usually loves the water, he cried nearly all the way through this.

Why? Probably reasons that are similar to the ones we all have when we balk at getting out of our comfort zones.

He was afraid.

There was a lot of commotion, other kids crying, and a strange teacher holding him that he’d never met before.

A brand new situation, and for a little guy that’s not even 10 months old, that’s pretty scary!

And as his mother, part of me certainly wanted to protect him, take him away, and comfort him. But instead we kept on, and I encouraged and applauded him.

That’s because I’m sure he’ll stop the tears once he gets used to the lessons, which happen nearly every day for the next two weeks.

And then he, like all of us who face our fears, will have a new, rewarding experience and personal growth under his belt.

And that’s just priceless!

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