Fighting Spirit = Fabrication or Inspiration?

A couple of days ago, some anchors on Fox’s Good Day New York said Bret Michaels must have been faking his illnesses over the past few weeks, because nobody can recover that fast… and because Michaels has gotten some nationwide sympathy over his ordeals.

Here’s a video of the accusation:

I admit, I wanted Bret to win Celebrity Apprentice, and was glad he did. But I started calling it over a month ago when it became clear that this guy — who I, like many of his colleagues, had written off as a non-contender — was one of the most creative, ambitious people I had seen in some time.

Bottom line, he won my respect and admiration based on his actions and abilities.

So here’s the question: if somebody has a fighting spirit, and is able to overcome and conquer what life throws his way, does that make him a faker?

Only to naysayers who never like to see people pull off what they don’t believe they, personally, can do…

Just to recap, Michaels first went to hospital in April for an appendectomy, and was back a week or so later with a brain hemorrhage. Then just over a week ago, he was admitted for a warning stroke, and they discovered he has a hole in his heart which will be operated on this fall.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget… he takes insulin injections four times a day for Type 1 diabetes.

That’s more than any human should have to go through in such a short period of time, and sure, most of us would take it easy after that.

But creative people aren’t always the most logical… especially someone with a high-risk appetite like Bret seems to have (hey, he took a lot of chances on Celebrity Apprentice, after all — and each time it was in the name of doing what he believed in).

I think we can take inspiration from Bret Michaels, rather than writing off his health issues as a fabrication.

Here’s the full video of Bret performing with American Idol contestant Casey James on his Poison hit, Every Rose Has Its Thorn:

YouTube Preview Image

If all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, then your stage is waiting for you too…

Take some inspiration from Bret’s story, and go “break a leg” (or “break a legend,” which legend has it is the original phrase)!

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

One comment to “Fighting Spirit = Fabrication or Inspiration?”
One comment to “Fighting Spirit = Fabrication or Inspiration?”
  1. Ohh, Heather Heather Heather …

    I think the news anchors were mostly just commenting on how amazing it was that Bret had the month that he did. I don’t think they were *really* accusing him of hoaxing 2 near death experiences.

    Nice attempt at some controversial blogging though.


    [Heather’s REPLY]:

    Hey Harris,

    Sure, that’s a possibility… but kind of a flippant attitude if that’s the case.

    And MOST anchors on a show like that would have a sense of personal accountability for their remarks, so if they said something like that as a joke, they’d make sure it was clear afterward. Something like “No, seriously, I know it’s not a hoax and we probably shouldn’t joke about it… but wow, that guy sure is resilient, isn’t he?”

    Nice attempt at some controversial comment-leaving though! ;P

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