Top 10 Laptop Accessories

I know a lot of internet marketers and other business professionals who only ever use a laptop computer. If you do a lot of traveling and like to work on the road, it makes sense to take a laptop along, but you can also work from home (or the park, the gym, the coffee shop, etc.) with the same machine.

Personally, I have both a desktop and a laptop machine, because the desktop is more robust for recording interviews and working with large multi-media files. But in the past, I have existed with a laptop and nothing else, and I can see why it’s a good choice for many.

If that’s you, I’m sure you agree that having the right peripherals makes working with a laptop that much easier.

So here’s my list of Top 10 Must-Have Laptop Accessories:

1. USB Drive: Whether you like a portable thumb drive, or a larger external drive with tons of storage, you’re going to need extra space for all your files. Thumb drives are great for transporting data to another computer, and large USB drives make excellent back-up drives (trust me, you need to back up your data) as well as providing storage for daily use.

2. Laptop Mouse: That little touch pad built into your laptop is difficult to use, but you can easily add an external mouse. Choose either a small USB model with a short cord, or go for a wireless mouse… just don’t forget the batteries.

3. External Keyboard: If you’re typing a lot, the small built-in keyboard might not serve your needs. Consider a USB or wireless keyboard that you can position as you like, which will also improve your posture and screen visibility.

4. Microphone Headset: If you’re listening to presentations or music, you’ll probably want to use headphones for privacy. By choosing one with a built-in mic, you’ll also be able to record your own multi-media projects or communicate with people via Skype or other voice-based services.

5. Laptop Speakers: The integrated speakers might be fine for some things, but to really hear how your PowerPoint presentation sounds, or to listen to music without headphones, a portable pair of laptop speakers is a good investment.

6. Laptop Desk or Stand: Chances are, you rarely actually put your laptop in your lap. However, if you spend time working in airports or public areas, you might have the need to do so. To keep a cool buffer between your computer and yourself, it’s best to use a laptop desk. And when you’re working at a desk or table, a stand will put the monitor at a better height for viewing; if possible, choose a laptop stand that will serve both purposes.

7. Laptop Case: It can be a large briefcase-style case, a computer backpack, or a sleek laptop sleeve, but yo u definitely need something to carry yo ur computer in if you ever take it anywhere.

8. Car Adapter: If you drive a lot, or work from your car, consider a car adapter that fits in the cigarette lighter. This will let you work without using battery power, or charge your laptop during road trips.

9. Back-up Battery: Since your power may die at any inopportune moment — often when there’s no electrical outlet around — I recommend having a second battery on hand. Just swap it out, and you’re good to go.

10. USB Hub: Because laptops don’t usually have very many built-in USB slots, it’s a good idea to have a USB hub. This will plug into one of your USB slots, and offer multiple places to plug in more USB peripherals.

There are lots more laptop accessories you can get, but those are my favorites and the ones I definitely recommend. If you think I’ve missed something important, go ahead and leave your comment below.

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