Is Old-School Affiliate Marketing Dead?

There was a time when you could make good money online, just by promoting other people’s stuff.

But have you noticed that what you’ve learned up to this point is no longer working like it’s supposed to?

“Affiliate marketing as most people know it has died a slow, controversial death,” says Mike Filsaime, one of the guys that used to teach those very methods he now calls “old school.”

And the fact is, you’re not imagining things… those methods really don’t work the way they used to.

So how does a beginner internet marketer like Chris Farrell manage to pull in a whopping $50k a month, just through affiliate marketing?

Well, Chris has tapped into the new Affiliate Marketing 2.0 methods, which take advantage of the new internet landscape, and pick up where 1.0 techniques left off.

I just watched a free video where Mike interviews Chris about how he managed to beat all odds and make a consistently large income, all within 18 months of getting started.

You can watch it too for a limited time here.

In it they explain THREE incredible strategies that any affiliate MUST KNOW to become wealthy with Affiliate Marketing 2.0:

– Side Door Selection

– Relationship ROI (R-ROI)

– Serial Cycle Income (SCI)

Watching the video is a joy because it’s a high-quality studio production that’s packed with content. In fact, you’re going to want to take notes.

The only problem is, it won’t be up for very long.

When you’re done, you’ll get the chance to see a campaign they made in one day that will bring in $5,000… and you can copy the exact campaign to use yourself.

Or you might prefer the one that uses free traffic to get 500 opt-in subscribers in 3 days.

In any case, be sure to grab your favorite beverage, sit down, and watch the video now.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

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