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My parents live in Ontario, Canada, and we live 3,000 miles away in Southern Oregon.

Obviously that makes it difficult for them to see us or Konan, so they miss many of his major milestones — like the 2nd birthday he celebrated last week.

I remember when I was a kid, my grandparents were lucky to get the odd photograph (printed from a roll of film) in a Christmas card. It was just a lot harder to share memories with people that lived far away…

But these days, with pocket-sized digital video cameras, social networking and video sharing software, there’s hardly an excuse not to give friends and family a slice of your life, just like they were there.

Of course, these things still take time, which is why Barry and I are always looking for solutions that will leverage our time and effort.

We recently started testing out Easy Video Player, and we like it so much we’re moving all our videos over from the video hosting service we used to use.

We love its features for both personal and professional use; whether you want to use videos for marketing purposes or just to show off your kid’s dance recital skills, you can now do it quickly and easily.

Easy Video Player lets you upload your video with a few mouse clicks, and then:

>> Create a professional video web page with one click.

>> Have people comment on your video using the built-in Facebook comments.

>> Encourage people to share your video using the social sharing feature.

Pretty sweet, right?

My parents aren’t on Facebook, but my aunt, several cousins, sisters-in-law, and other family members are… and they want to share what we’re doing with their friends, too.

If you want to use your video to market or sell a product, you can also:

>> Split test different videos so you can optimize conversions.

>> Track when people stop watching your video.

>> Embed any HTML, like buy buttons or opt-in forms, within the video.

>> Set your HTML to show at a specific point during the video.

There are other video hosting services (trust me, we’ve used more than a few of them), but none of the competitors have the range of cool features or attractive price point of Easy Video Player.

Want to see something else?

Here’s a video my parents just got to see… and now you can see it too. We used the snazzy light box feature to give it a professional polish, and it only took a single extra click to make it do this:

Keep Unwrapping Fun and Success!

One comment to “Shoot, Post, Share… Video Made Easy”
One comment to “Shoot, Post, Share… Video Made Easy”
  1. Heather,

    Good stuff. I just picked up EVP last week and plan to use it with all of my videos. Your video looks great and I’m certain your little one has a bright future. Have a great week

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