Guest Post: Releasing Fault and Freeing Yourself

Releasing Fault and Freeing Yourself: 11 Shifts To Align With the Energy of Personal Responsibility
by Lori Hamann

You might find yourself vacillating between two familiar points in life…

One is feeling responsible for everything in your life, including your loved ones, your clients, your partners (i.e., having the weight of the world on your shoulders) and another one is not wanting to take responsibility for anything (i.e., I didn’t ask for this, nor did I create it, life happens to me!)

Most likely you find yourself ping ponging back and forth, or hanging out in-between, unsure of what you are truly responsible for as you set out to create your life.

And, here’s the scoop — if you aren’t really sure, the path to success gets a little cloudy, and more difficult. So let’s create some clarity.

So, have you ever felt that it is just a bit easier to blame someone or something “outside of your self” or things “outside of your control” for the circumstances of your life?

Surely we all have… it’s part of the creation learning curve.

But, try this on for size: “I’m responsible for my life, period.  What it looks like, what I create, how I react, how I emote, how I communicate, how I think, how I behave and what I believe.”

So, just try it out, and feel yourself in that space. It’s powerful.

I am not suggesting that you go faster than you are ready to, but lean in the direction of this very empowered place.

Taking responsibility is about stepping into your own personal power, rather than — “It’s my fault, and look at the mess I’m creating!”

In fact — I suggest you release fault finding completely. It serves no one — and only sets you up to hold some seriously toxic energy.

Release finger pointing, and release blame. Energetically that calibrates at a very low energy, trust me 🙂 But you don’t need me to tell you that, just tune in.

SO, stop trying to find fault — even with yourself. This is a really important point.

Taking personal responsibility is not about finding fault within yourself, it’s more about moving forward and being a match to what you desire from a place of noticing your preferences, versus shame and fault finding.

On the flip side of fault finding is taking personal responsibility for your life… fully.

So, here we go:

11 Shifts To Align With the Energy of Personal Responsibility

1. Acknowledge that your life, all of it… is YOURS. Ok, ok… I know this is obvious. But do you operate from this point of view? Or do you just intellectually know it? Start to let this settle in your bones and set your intentions to operate from this place.

2. Remember that no one can live for you, respond for you, or feel for you. When life “ebbs” know that even with all the support in the world you are still left standing on your own two feet.

3. Get excited about the fact that, you get to take credit for what you create! This means, you can celebrate your successes, you created them! And you get to celebrate your challenges, you created them as well.  You can not have light without dark. If you take responsibility for the light,  and do the same for the dark — you are a fully empowered creator.

4. Realize that each happening in your life is a result of your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and attitudes to this point. Know that the law of attraction is deep at work, and always is.

5. Stop placing blame, period. Stop judging others, period. Stop thinking or saying he did it, she did it… if some one would have, should have… my parents should have, etc. Know that blame and judgment hold very low vibrations — and what radiate, you create on some level. Take full responsibility for your life NOW — and you will align with the success and peace that you desire.

6. Stop judging anything about YOU as a failure. Do not stand in harsh blame of yourself. Say: ” I own this, my experience, my life, my ebbs, and my flows… I choose personal power… from here I make my next choice… I stand in love for myself and my journey.  Life is an experiment!”

7. Eliminate excuses. Looking for the excuses just keeps you from forward thinking, the solutions, the and the paving of your path. Ask yourself what excuses you’ve got that are keeping you from doing x-y-z? Rich personal growth lies here as well.

8. Ask yourself, “Is there a payoff here?” Are you looking for an excuse to be less? To sit on the sidelines of your life? Are you in fear? Is it easier to blame others? Do you get to avoid being a failure?  Remember, if you are never responsible — you would never have to be wrong, or fail. Takes you full circle… stop judging yourself as failing.

9. Choose to respond vs. react. This is a practiced skill, think and get emotionally grounded before you speak. Think before you choose an emotion that doesn’t serve you. This is responding — and this is a match to the energy of personal responsibility. You are at choice, and fully responsible for how you “be”. (A nice lead in to personal responsibility, by the way)

10. Know you are not responsible for others experiences “next to you”… your children, your spouse, your friends, co-workers. You are however, responsible for your experience as you observe and interact with them as they go through their experiences. You are a co-creator as well. Support the energy of the environment and of the relationships by being an example of what personal responsibility is. Make choices about how you think and feel — you will be shocked to see how you will raise the vibration around you, and change the lives of others through this alone!

Think about these 10 points and ask yourself: Where could I improve? What could I let go of? What truth could I put into practice in my life? It’s one thing to know something, and another to implement it! Have fun releasing fault, and stepping into a new sense of empowered responsibility.

11.  Love yourself — take full responsibility for loving you, knowing who it is you are as an essence, and becoming a match to the love you are.  There is nothing more important in the realm of personal responsibility than this.

About the guest author: Lori Hamann is a mentor and life coach to conscious entrepreneurs and professionals, who she helps to create more prosperity and peace of mind in their lives and businesses. She is the creator of The Butterfly Experiment, and her Evolve Your Life Newsletter goes out to over 7,000 like minded subscribers. You can sign up for a free subscription at