Luck o’ the ‘levens: 11-11-11

Whether you write it as 11.11.11, 11-11-11, or 11/11/11, today is seen as a lucky day… and much more.

“11.11.11 is special because there is no other date that consists of all the same number. The day comes around once every 100 years, meaning (this) is the only time many people will be alive to experience the unique date,” points out

But it’s even more significant than that:

“The number 1 represents the Creator-God, the masculine energy setting itself into the outer world, creating new beginnings. When that number 1 resonates and repeats itself, it becomes 11 which is a “Master Vibration Number” that means The Spiritual Messenger. It is the messenger that brings revelation and inspiration from a higher plain,” according to the Realm of Tranquility.

And that makes it a perfect day for meditating and connecting with your higher self, especially at the even more magical times of 11:11:11.

Picture by Realm of TranquilitySome even say this is the unofficial start of the 2012 metaphysical year, says John Hoopes, Maya history scholar at the University of Kansas.

Now, you might say that they’re just numbers, and that may be true.

But what’s wrong with looking for patterns in life (they’re everywhere, in nature and in man-made items — including our personal habits), appreciating symmetry, or finding meaning in the mathematics of the Universe?

Either way, I prefer to see and pay attention to the signs around me, because you never know when ignoring one can land you in the wrong destination.

And if there might be more powerful spiritual energy, I’ll take advantage of that for my daily meditation (both times the clock hits 11:11:11)… and do some yoga and Tai Chi to boot.

So happy 11-11-11, whatever it means to you.

And if you think it’s simply a plain old November 11, then instead of full-on meditation, just take a moment of silence at 11:11:11, in observance of Veteran’s Day if you’re American, and Remembrance Day if you’re Canadian (or both, if you’ve got one foot in each country like me!)

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