I’ve got a new crush…

Google+-Hangouts-logo-1Is it wrong to have such a deep crush develop right away? I’ve had challenges for a long time with somebody I wanted to love. I threw him out of my life years ago. He just didn’t give me what I needed, even though I wanted to embrace everything he had to offer.

But then, friends kept telling me had changed, he had gotten better… he could now offer me what I wanted — what I deserved, dammit! So I took him back. I gave him yet another chance. And he failed me again.

Damn you, Skype — I’ve got my eye on you now. But we never had an exclusive arrangement, and I’ve fallen in love with another. His name is Google Hangouts. He makes me feel giddy, and I am totally head over heels for him!

Oh, and just to be clear… Phone, I don’t want you to feel left out. You know that you’ve always been my first love.

You were there for me as a teenager… you let me sob on you when things went bad and scream into you when things were awesome. You were my standby when all the new, flashy technology failed. You and I have created thousands of hours of interview content together, and I’ll always love you.

You also know that when the younger, hot and sexy guys flash their features and I hop over to check them out, you’re the one who will be in my office when I come home.

You don’t offer me all the eye candy that my new crush, Google Hangouts, does… but you’re honest and dependable, and I appreciate you!

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