What Kind of Resonance Resonates With You?

On the Masters of the Secret blog, we talk about all kinds of things related to manifestation, the law of attraction, and getting what you want.

Now that we’re about to launch the Masters of the Secret, we’ve had a lot of questions about why various teachers don’t seem to agree.

But that’s the beauty of being able to talk to so many of them… there’s a teacher to resonate with every student, and it won’t always be the same teacher for everybody. There are also different tools, different techniques, different tactics for everybody.

So I just posted an article called “Well, Duh… That’s Why They Call it Resonance“.

Here’s how it starts out:

You’ve heard it all before… the apparent conflicts and contradictions among the manifestation mentors and success experts.

Mentor One says, “You have to take massive, focused action in one direction.”

Mentor Two says, “Action is over-rated.”

Mentor Three says, “When you get inspired to do something, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, take action.”

And Mr. Media says, “‘The Secret’ tells you not to take action.”

What the heck is going on here? Is it the phenomenon Dr. John F DeMartini talks about in his Masters of the Secret interview… that everything is in total balance and harmony in the Universe, hence the seeming opposites to balance each other out?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. And suddenly this morning I had a smack-me-in-the-head a-ha moment… it’s like the Universe said, “Well, duh… that’s why they call it resonance.”

Right. Duh!

The first person who ever told me about the Law of Attraction was Michael Losier, a speaker and the author of a book called, appropriately enough, “The Law of Attraction”.

His catch phrase is: “If it feels good, it is. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.”

Similarly, Zen DeBrucke, one of “secret” mentors featured in our Masters of the Secret audio / transcript package, walked us through how to tap into our Internal Guidance System, or IGS. Hundreds of people on the live call all experienced the same thing, so we know it works.

In a nutshell? If it feels good, it is (and your IGS loosens up). If it doesn’t, it isn’t (and your IGS tightens).

So… how does this relate to my “duh” moment?

Well, there are three main “conflicts” I have seen come up among the experts:

1. GOALS: Should you set time-bound specific goals, or is that too limiting to your potential outcome?

2. ACTION: Should you take action right away, or wait until you’re inspired to do so?

3. HOW: Should you try to figure out the “how” or let the Universe take care of that?

There are other smaller discrepancies, like whether you should word your desire as “I need… “, “I want… ” or not, and we could go on for days picking apart, “he said this, but she said that… ” But just trust me, the same concept works for all this stuff. I’m a journalist, I’ve done my research, I’ve been bonked on the head by the Universe, and I’m confident in sharing these thoughts.

The answer is “resonance”. That’s what drives Michael’s “if it feels good… ” theory, and that’s what drives Zen’s IGS.


You can read the rest of the post over at the Masters of the Secret blog… but the bottom line is that you have to listen to your heart.

The lessons that mean the most to you won’t impact someone else in the slightest.

The books that inspire you to change your life will be overlooked by the majority of people.

The people that you love to be with will drive other people nuts.

The car or dress or house that jacks you up will meet upturned noses from others.

But who cares?

It doesn’t matter!

You don’t resonate on the same frequency as anybody else, and you shouldn’t… individuality is what makes the world go round, and only you can follow your own heart.

So what resonates with you?

And what are you going to do about it?

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale