Blessed Are the Blissful… Bring on the Spa

Yesterday I had my first facial at a spa. Yes, I went to a spa in Las Vegas, and got a massage… but I’ve never had a professional treatment put on my face.

It was part of the birthday present that Barry got me… a gift certificate to the new Spa at Club Northwest, the gym that we go to. And the certificate is good for several treatments. Guys, if you want a gift that will make your woman think very highly of you, a gift certificate to a spa is a great choice!

Spa = The epitome of blissfulness.

Gift Certificate = She will think of you while she’s being pampered… and her thoughts will be around gratitude, appreciation and love (and she gets to choose her own treatments — even better!)

This spa had a different vibe than in Vegas. Everything in Vegas seems very mechanical, with a certain money-focused get-em-in and get-em-out machinery in place. The one in Grants Pass is more spiritual in feel, which generates more of a relaxing feeling… and that’s really the point, right?

To start off with, they offered a selection of drinks, including some local Southern Oregon wines. I chose a Cabernet Sauvignon, which to me helped me get into the mindset of being pampered, which in turn kicked the gratitude into place. After all, how often do you enjoy and savor a nice glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon? (Not something I advocate on a regular basis, but for a special occasion — or to make yourself feel deserving while you “act as if” — it can be highly effective.)

And then, the real pampering began…

First off, they gave me a “ritualistic foot bath” which involved some nice warm water, Epsom salts, and a soothing foot massage.

Then I was taken on an “aromatherapy journey” where several different scents were held under my nose as I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply… then I told the aesthetician, Jenn, whether I liked it or not.

The two I chose were Lemon and Purity, which also smelled citrusy to me. Jenn said everyone interprets Purity differently, but after looking it up online, I think it has jasmine and lemongrass in it.

Anyhow, she then incorporated those scents into my treatment, and gave me a sample bottle to take home.

Then I changed out of the spa robe and into the treatment cover-up, and had my skin massaged, cleansed, and exfoliated, with hot towel treatments in between each step. It was a sensual journey through many different sensations — some hot and rough-feeling, some cool and smooth.

Then she put a masque on my skin and massaged my hands, arms and feet while it worked its magic.

And through every step, I enjoyed the sensations in the here and now, and thought about how wonderful it felt, and how much I appreciated it. Tapping into gratitude is always a good emotion, so I made sure to really feel it.

Sometimes spa treatments might seem expensive, or unnecessary… but it’s important to treat ourselves well. I always used to give myself home treatments from the drugstore, and that can work well too… just be sure to get some alone time (or have someone you love massage your hands and feet while you soak in the tub).

Now I’m enjoying some professional treatments when I can… but if it’s not something you feel comfortable with, don’t do it. The key is to feel gratitude when you’re being treated, not guilt.

What I got out of it most though, was not just gratitude for the feelings, and not just bliss from the sensations, but an overwhelming appreciation for Barry, since he got it for me as a present.

I think it’s blessed to feel blissful… and any way we can accomplish that works well for me.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale