Black Squirrels and Yellow Houses

For the past few weeks, Barry and I have been moving into our new house (the yellow color has already grown on him, and is starting to grow on me too).

Yes, we did the bulk of it already, but there have been some smaller things that we had to go back for as we’ve been slowly settling in around our normal routine.

It has certainly disrupted our business a bit (okay, actually a lot) because we’ve had to spend so much time away from the computers, buying new things that we need, fixing things up, taking care of the yard and garden, etc…

But we love the house, the 10-foot ceilings, the expansive square footage, the yard, the huge kitchen — everything about it.

And definitely, being in a more prosperous and expansive mindset is going to help us in many more ways down the road.

A couple of days ago, while taking a quick break from moving stuff (honestly, he’s doing all the heavy lifting and I’m just helping organize and clean) we were watching our new satellite TV service and a show came on about the wildlife in Toronto.

They featured raccoons and squirrels, both of which I used to raise from babies as a foster parent for the Humane Society, whenever they were orphaned and brought in to the shelter.

black squirrelFunny thing though, I just assumed the three color types of Eastern Grey Squirrel (grey, black and brindle, which is halfway between the two) were available wherever squirrels lived.

I’ve been living in Oregon for a year, and have seen many grey squirrels — and really just didn’t give it a second thought as to why I hadn’t seen black ones, because they’re so ingrained in my reality that I thought they must be here too.

Turns out, those are unique to Toronto and surrounding area, and tourists love to stop and look at the black squirrels that hang out around the provincial parliament buildings (about two blocks from where I used to live).

Barry says he’s never seen a black squirrel before in his life. Wow!

Just one more of those instances where it pays to never assume (it makes an ASS out of U and ME).

It’s amazing how we go through life with blinders at times, not really noticing what’s around us, seeing what we want to see rather than what’s there, and taking things for granted.

I’m taking a vow not to do that with our new house. I love so much about it, that I’m going to appreciate those things as much as I can.

I love to eat my breakfast out on the deck, overlooking the English style garden. I feel grateful every morning to be able to watch the birds and the flowers, and the little creek that will have water in it during the winter.

And that’s the way to enjoy life… with eyes wide open, appreciating and loving what we have, and experiencing what’s there rather than what we assume must be.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

Heather Vale

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