$20 For All Seminar Videos… Only Till Friday!

The Canada Marketing Summit, with a mixture of top US and Canadian speakers, recently happened in beautiful Vancouver, BC (not my home town, but where my Dad’s family is from).

I know that not a lot of people are traveling for live seminars these days, with the economy the way it is, but what if I told you that you could watch the whole thing — just like you were there live — for less than $20?

That’s right, no air fares, no hotel fees, no travel time, just you and the master videos of ALL the speakers!

You’ll get to see people like Alex Mandossian, Warren Whitlock, Reed Floren, Glenn Dietzel, Trevor “Toe Cracker” Crook, Ken McArthur, Dr. Mike Woo Ming, Randy Charach, and the seminar co-founder Jeff Mills… as well as a bunch more that I didn’t have room to list here!

But this $20 replay special ENDS this Friday, which means you only have a couple of days to take advantage.

I’ve seen some of the videos, and I can tell you, it’s worth every penny… all 1,995 of them!

Get the Canada Marketing Summit videos here.

If you want to see the list of speakers and topics, they’re also listed on that page… also be sure to watch Jeff’s video, then click on the big button that says: “I want to view the CMS Replays“.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

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