How To Bust Loose From the Business Game

If you’ve been hanging around me for a few years, you might remember when I interviewed Robert Scheinfeld, and he talked about The Human Game — the reason we’re here on this planet — in ways you had likely never heard things said before.

And then he told you how you could start “busting loose” from the Money Game.

At the time, he completely flipped around a lot of the preconceived ideas I had about manifestation and how we create our personal realities.

Well, now he’s got a new book out called “Busting Loose From The Business Game” that promises to help you achieve radical results in your business life.

See, if you’re an entrepreneur or business person, or you’ve been working in any capacity, you’ve been playing what Robert calls “The Old Business Game”.

Just like a lot of “old ways” of doing things, that’s a losing way to play.

Robert’s new book is about finally winning, by playing “The New Business Game”.

> It’s rooted in metaphysics… likely on a different level than you’ve experienced before.

> It will shift your paradigm and your beliefs about what’s possible.

> It will help you out if you’re currently struggling.

> It will guide you do better if you’re currently doing okay.

> It will allow you have more fun if you’re currently doing well.

Basically, however you’re experiencing the Business Game now will become a much better journey after you read Robert’s book.

And if you buy the book this week only, you’ll get some extra tools from Robert that will support and guide you even more as you approach this New Business Game, and start playing to win.

Get your copy of Busting Loose From the Business Game, your “Busting Loose Fast Start Toolkit”, and more by reading Robert’s message here.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

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This one’s about the physical, rather than the metaphysical, side of the equation.  Don’t you love how they go so well together?

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