How To Get a 4.6% Conversion

A few years ago, I interviewed a marketer named Gobala Krishnan about how he built his opt-in list.

It was his first interview… either being asked the questions, OR doing the asking.

His english wasn’t even perfect, but he knew the topic well and gave some excellent tips.

Then, just six months later, he discovered why I was interviewing him in the first place… and the power in doing interviews himself.

He had put 3 months into writing an e-book that he spent over $600 to create, and only managed to sell 10 copies in 2 years.


Then he asked some friends to be interviewed, and sold the resulting audio package to his existing customers, making almost $2000 in 72 hours with a 4.6% conversion rate.

That product continued to sell like crazy for the rest of the month, and people still buy it today, over two years later.

Then he interviewed one person on a topic he knew nothing about, and made $750 in 72 hours by selling just that one interview… with a 3.6% conversion.

A light-bulb went off as he realized something very important: these audio interview products were selling better than any e-books he’d created, the conversion rates were sky-high, and he was now becoming seen as a “guru” himself!

But despite any challenges he had with language or experience, Gobala understands that you need to ask the RIGHT kinds of questions to get the BEST answers… and that asking the wrong questions to the right person will get you nowhere.

In fact, it will also result in doors being closed so that you get the standard excuse from experts: “I don’t have time.”

That really just means, “I don’t have time for YOU, because you don’t know what you’re doing!”

Want to know what you’re doing, and even have experts ASKING you to interview them?

Want to churn out high-quality content that will get the same kinds of high conversions that Gobala enjoys?

I’ve got all the tools to help you do that here.

Keep Unwrapping Your Success!

Heather Vale Goss

The Unwrapper™

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