Kids’ Birthday Cake Ideas

Konan’s first birthday is in just a few months, and apparently it’s tradition for a one-year-old to eat a piece of birthday cake. I asked his pediatrician today at his 9-month check-up, and he confirmed that his kids ate cake on that first birthday too.

I think I’ll make Konan a healthy cake, since I’ve been feeding him homemade baby food instead of store-bought stuff. Maybe a nice carrot or banana cake.

And I’ve got a lot more ideas now about birthday themes, since I just wrote a bunch of articles for eHow on different kids’ birthday cake ideas:

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Webkinz Birthday Cake Ideas

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Luau Birthday Cake Ideas

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake Ideas

I might save these ideas for future birthdays, rather than Konan’s first one, but I’ll figure it out closer to the day…

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