Healthy Coffee Without the MLM

I’ve just been sitting here drinking a cup of “healthy” Ganoderma Coffee. You’ve probably heard a lot of hype lately around this lately, and maybe even been courted to join an MLM program to get it.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the MLM model — I’ve never been actively involved in it, but I’ve been along for the ride with Barry, who has quite a bit of experience. The problem I see with it is that it can be a hollow business model if you don’t have both consumers and biz opp seekers in your downline… and the latter need to be both, but they are purchasing the product for the biz opp, not necessarily because they love the product.

Of course the products, to support the business model, are high-priced. That doesn’t make them bad products… but the best always become available through other means eventually. Just check your health food store for all the noni, goji, açai, and so forth.

For myself, I’d rather save money on the products, buy what I want when I want, and if I choose to promote something through referral marketing… let my customers do the same thing.

See, “referral marketing” can be network marketing, or it can be affiliate marketing. The first costs you money and has minimums to buy, the second costs you nothing unless you choose to buy…

And the products — the ultimate litmus test — are often just as good either way…

I tried the Ganoderma coffee available through the MLM companies that are viciously competing for distributors, and it was good. I’ve looked to find drawbacks to Ganoderma, and haven’t found any… every source I’ve found agrees that Ganoderma lucidum, a.k.a. the Reishi mushroom, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and is a superior herbal remedy without side effects.

It’s supposed to enhance your mood, increase mental focus, strengthen your immune system, and maintain a healthy liver, skin, lungs, and brain oxygen level. I didn’t drink enough to evaluate the latter claims first hand, but it does uplift me and help increase my focus after just one cup.

Sure, as an avid coffee drinker, I wish it was available in brewable form, rather than instant… but to be honest, I don’t think I could tell in a blind taste test. And it’s a small concession when I know it has less caffeine, and more healthy benefits.

But Barry and I didn’t want to get into the MLM game with this product just to consume it. Then I found the Ganoderma Coffee company that’s not based on MLM! I bought some samples, and the coffee is just as good (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all made at the same factory!) 😉

They have a wider variety of products — including teas, hot chocolate, mocha, and a Ganoderma and Hoodia blend I haven’t seen anywhere else — and the prices are about 40% to 200% cheaper (even more if you join the free affiliate program).

So now I can enjoy Ganoderma Coffee at wholesale prices… and so can you.

If you want to make money promoting Ganoderma Coffee, but you don’t want to get locked into autoships, minimum quantities, and high prices to do so (which is a tough sell for your customers too), become an affiliate of Ganoderma Coffee.

Yup, that’s right… it works just the way you expect an online affiliate program to work. It’s free, and there’s nothing to buy, unless you want to.

Of course, you probably will want to try the coffee… and if you join the affiliate program and sign up for the Coffee Club (just over 10 bucks for samples of all the products, a coffee mug and an additional 5% savings), you’ll save 25% off the already low prices when you buy through your link. It’s okay, they’re cool with you doing that!

So personally, I see no reason to join an MLM program just to drink healthy coffee.

Passive income? Yeah, maybe… but that’s a bit of a stretch in this economy. People who just want to be consumers don’t need to pay that much for their Ganoderma Coffee. And people that want a business opportunity don’t need to get locked in to something. So what’s your unique selling proposition for joining the MLM?

Life doesn’t have to be a hard sell. It just has to be about enjoyment, love… and good health.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

4 comments to “Healthy Coffee Without the MLM”
4 comments to “Healthy Coffee Without the MLM”
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  2. I have tried both..recently decided to focus on my new coffee product but want to continue to enjoy the benefits of the “healthy coffee” without the monthly auto ship requirement of my old company..having said that, my question is where is the source of your Ganoderma and is it just as beneficial as the “Organo Gold” products?

    [Heather’s Reply]

    Hi Robert,

    My thinking is that all the companies use the same manufacturers in Asia… in fact, the distributor for the one I use will white label products, meaning you could have Robert’s Coffee if you sold enough. That makes me think that maybe the MLM companies use them too.

    Anyway, they’re at


  3. Interesting take on it, I hadn’t thought about it as finding an affiliate program and snagging the savings.
    I too am an avid coffee drinker, and love MLM. I considered the Gano coffees, but while there was a lot of information about the health benefits, it always sounded ‘hokey’.
    So, I held off. Then, Javita just started and it’s much more of a premium instant coffee without all the goofiness about Gano.

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