Super Swim Champ

Last week I told you how Konan was getting out of his comfort zone by taking swimming lessons.

Yes, he was scared to try something new… like all of us are.

And it sure was hard to watch him go through it when he cried!

But by the end, he knew how to totally relax while floating on his back, and how to turn from front to back after entering the water.

At 10 months old (just today), he was the youngest in his class by far, and held his own against all the 3-year-olds.

Sure, his skill level wasn’t as advanced as theirs… but he’s a winner because he progressed beyond what he could do before.

That’s why he deserves to wear this star that was given to him for graduating from the class.

You go, Konan — you’re a star, and this is just the first of many awards, medals and trophies you’ll receive!

Daddy and I are proud of you!

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

One comment to “Super Swim Champ”
One comment to “Super Swim Champ”
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