The Wealth of Health

Yeah, I know, it’s hard to find time these days to be healthy. Hard to find time to exercise, and hard to find time to cook healthy food. Hey, as much as I know the benefits of pure, home-cooked food rather than pre-packaged (and I can bake a mean chicken breast, while Barry’s a steak-grillin’ whiz), we too often end up eating preservative-laden meals that can be popped in the microwave, or even the dreaded fast food.

But it’s important to take self-accountability for your health.

  • If you don’t have a fun exercise routine that gets results, that’s your own fault.
  • If you find yourself consuming junk more often than nutritious wholesome food, that’s your own fault.

Your body is your most prized possession while you’re here living this life.

Health is its own form of wealth, and physical health is just as important as mental and spiritual health… yet some people put it in last place.

Ya know, there’s a reason people say, “As long as you’ve got your health…”

Now, I don’t subscribe to the notion that monetary wealth doesn’t matter “as long as you’ve got your health.” All kinds of wealth are important, and monetary wealth gives you the time freedom to pursue physical health more conscientiously.

I’m just saying that too many of us tell physical health to get in the back seat.

One key that’s often missing, that can help you achieve your physical goals, is the role of the brain.

If you don’t engage and stimulate your brain with exciting and fun workouts, of course you don’t want to do them. If you don’t tantalize your brain with bold, tasty dishes, of course you don’t want to eat them.

Another way to utilize your brain in your health goals is through brainwave entrainment.

Barry and I just found a new site with some quality brainwave entrainment audios. They’re based on binaural beats, so you have to listen with stereo headphones — but they’re designed to deliver some top results as you silently meditate, by cleansing your mind, removing negative vibrations, and rejuvenating your optimism and confidence.

That increases your concentration and memory power, while prepping your body for optimal health or other functions, depending on what recording you pick. But they’re priced so reasonably, you’ll probably want a few.

The audio mix is very relaxing, with nature sounds and music mixed in for a multi-level auditory experience that I like a lot.

They call the company Unexplainable… but the results are actually explainable through science (I’m not going to unwrap that mystery of life today… you can see more on their site, though).

Check out the Overall Good Health audio, available for immediate download, as well as the other recordings… topics include manifestation, past life regression, ESP, meditation, creativity, weight loss, prosperity, and a whole lot more.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

2 comments to “The Wealth of Health”
2 comments to “The Wealth of Health”
  1. There are hundreds of fast great tasting healthy meals you can make quickly and easily. I rarely eat any packaged or fast foods anymore. They don’t taste good, they’re loaded with bad for you chemicals that drain you of energy and your ability to think clearly, and they don’t save much time. At least, not the way I cook. Feel free to pick up some healthy inspiration at my site. I hope this helps you break your ‘convenience’ foods habit 😉

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