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Do you feel any uncertainty in your life? My friend and colleague, Michelle Casto, is a Life, Career and Soul Coach who promises to be able to help you live your life with passion and power.

I interviewed Michelle about her views on manifestation and passionate living, and here’s an excerpt on what she had to say, including an exercise on how to Discover Your Soul Goals:

Heather:  What is that process of manifestation as you teach it?

Michelle:  For me it’s really just focusing your attention in the forms of thoughts, feelings, and words in the direction of your dreams or the goal that you have in mind. When you do that you have a miracle of manifesting.

There are, of course, a few stages in that. We’ll talk about that. But each of the stages has specific things that I teach; what to do. As well, within each of those stages, there is a Universal law that goes along with each of the stages.

Heather:  Okay, so let’s walk through what the different stages are…

Michelle:  Okay. The first stage… we’ll go through them real quick, then we can talk about them briefly one on one. But the first is discover your dreams and your soul goals. And really, bottom line, that is answering the question, what I call the really simple question, “What do I really, really, really want?” That’s the place that we start.

Then we move into raising your thought consciousness. This is where we start looking at how much desire do you have for something, and how much doubt do you have about that same thing when you think about it?

The third stage is increasing your manifesting vibration. We all have our frequency that we put out into the Universe. My quick tip for that is doing what makes you feel good so that you keep your energy high. So doing things like taking care of yourself, getting coaching, having massages, taking walks on the beach; whatever, so that you feel good. A lot of people, especially in our overwhelmed, overworked society, get to the point where that’s the last thing on their list. It’s very important, because really it comes down to how you feel about things when you are manifesting.

The fourth stage is taking inspired action. I like to teach that there’s “action” in “attraction”. So when you are following spirit, and you are really taking inspired action, there’s a lot of energy in that, and you’re really moving the energy in the direction that you really want it to go.

Then, finally, we have surrendering to the highest good — which, for many people, they may have heard the detachment phase; which is like, “Okay, I know what I want, I’m feeling good about it, I believe that it’s possible, now how do I remain detached to not getting it?” So, being okay if you get it or you don’t get it. That’s where many people get stuck.

Heather:  Okay. So let’s start with the first step — discovering your dreams and soul goals. “Soul goals” isn’t a term I’ve heard other people use; is that something you came up with?

Michelle:  It absolutely is. Because I really feel that there’s a distinction between our regular goals, which I think are somewhat limited — they can come from our ego if we’re not careful – versus our soul goals, which really comes from our essence; the part of us that truly wants fulfillment and to be joyful and completely at peace.

What I would say about this stage is that it’s really important to dream big and to pay attention to what brings you joy, peace, and happiness. A lot of times I’ll work with people… let’s say we’re coaching around finding a life’s purpose or a career path. I don’t ever ask someone if they think they’ll be good at it. I ask them, will they enjoy it? Because our joy is where the juice is. So pay attention to what makes your heart sing. That’s really the part and the essence of the soul.

Heather:  Is there anything beyond the feeling of joy that would let someone know that it’s a soul goal and not an ego-based goal?

Michelle:  I believe there is, yes. The biggest notice is when you feel like it’s a “should”; whenever you feel like it’s a goal that you “should” accomplish, that’s usually your sign right there. A lot of us fall into the trap of – especially with New Year’s coming up – “Well, I need to set all these resolutions. I should do this, and I should do that.” Well, that’s an ego goal.

And the other thing is that it’s not maybe something that you are going to accomplish in a month or six months. It’s more like something you are going to be working on and that really, really takes you deeper into yourself. So it’s not so much external as it is internal. Maybe it’s a feeling. Maybe it’s, “I want to feel more connected to my divinity.” That’s one of my soul goals. So that isn’t something I’m going to necessarily accomplish in a short period of time.

Heather:  Yeah. So what kind of process can someone go through to discover what is their true soul goal, and their big dreams that they really should be going for?

Michelle:  I have a little exercise called “Discovering Your Soul Goals“.

Basically, it’s to write the five to ten things that you want most in your life, in order of importance. Then, since we can only really focus on three to five things really well, choose the five most important of that ten. Then think about the last month, and how much energy and time did you devote to that particular top five?

Then to rate yourself from a scale of one to ten — five meaning that you spent the ideal amount of time on that particular goal. Then all the areas that are less than five… commit to making those a bit more important.

This is one way to look at really what is important to you. Because if it’s important to you, you are more than likely spending time on it. And/or you’ll notice that it’s really important to you and you are not spending time on it. So therefore, you can start moving it up your list of priorities.

Heather:  And, paying attention to the feelings at every step of the way.

Michelle:  Absolutely. Without a doubt.

That little exercise can help you discover and achieve a lot more in your life, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg; you can take your results much further with the help of Michelle’s new Soul Purpose Accelerator program.

It’s her passion and purpose to help you discover yours.

Michelle’s celebrating her birthday this week, along with the launch of this new program, and she wants you to join the party.

She’s giving away lots of freebies and bonuses, so if you’re uncertain about your purpose, power or destiny, check out her video presentation.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

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