Screw “Resolutions” and Make 2011 The Best Ever

Ready for a “Happy” New Year?

Well, your happiness depends on you, and it’s all about perspective.

This GUEST POST from my friends and associates at Thank God I… books puts a thought-provoking, and potentially life-changing, spin on what happiness really is (don’t always pay attention to what Charlie Brown says)…

Sometimes life just sucks.

Sometimes we are struck with immense tragedy and pain.

Sometimes we wonder how we are going to go on one more minute, much less one more day, week, month or year…

That is the plain and simple truth. Sometimes… life is not kind.

But aren’t there “good” moments in life too? Moments that take your breath away in their beauty and the pleasurable feelings they bring?

Think about how you feel in those “good” times.

Don’t you often find yourself thinking… “I wish I could feel just like this forever”?

Yet, do you realize… the minute you think that thought — “I wish I could feel just like this forever” — you are making a judgment in your mind about the rest of your experiences.

You are judging them as “bad” because they didn’t create these “good” feelings.

Thus, because we are too busy comparing our “Good” feelings of the moment with “Bad” feelings of the past — we aren’t even truly enjoying this current state at all.

The minute we start comparing THIS experience to OTHER experiences, we set ourselves up for even more “bad” feelings.

See, in doing this, we have changed our focus — right then and there — to things we wish to avoid.

From that point, our whole experience becomes CHASING things that make us feel “good”.

And running from things that make us feel “bad”.

Have you ever chased a bird?

Have you ever chased a man or woman you were attracted to?

The very word “chase” implies trying to get something that doesn’t want to be ‘had’.

If we think we have to “chase” happiness — or “good” feelings — our relationship with happiness and good feelings is already elusive.

You might catch what you are chasing… for a moment. Sure.

But you will be so afraid of losing it — or of having to “chase” it again — you will hold on for dear life.

Ironically, your FEAR of losing it will CAUSE you to lose it — over and over.

It will always feel slightly ‘elusive’ to you. Forever.

People create New Year’s resolutions because they are “unhappy” with certain aspects of their life.

They are CHASING “something else” that will make them “feel better” or be more “happy”.

Almost always, that is a recipe for failure.

Yet, certainly, there are things we all want — or can do — to “improve” our lives, right?

Get healthier, be more giving, show more love…

Yes, all these things have their positives.

But what if you suddenly came to realize… YOU and EVERYTHING about YOU — AND everything in your life — was ALREADY PERFECT?

What if someone could show you your life would not be “better” or “worse”… one way or another?

What kind of freedom would that give you in 2011?

What if someone showed you no matter what you do, or what you decide, EVERYTHING — every state and every situation — has BOTH positives and negatives?

If this is true, isn’t the real answer to “happiness”… accepting and appreciating everything in your life for what it is… as it is?

What if YOU could learn to see this — the blessing already present in anything and everything in your life?

What kind of relief would that bring?

It would bring an easiness that can only come with knowing you don’t have to “chase” happiness…

Because it always is — and has always been — inside YOU all the time. You just “found it” because you CHOSE to experience your experiences a different way.

The key is understanding the perfection in life. Realizing how every moment, and every experience, is leading you down the perfect path for you.

The key is gratitude for every experience.

With gratitude for all your experiences — and what they teach and bring to your life — you stop chasing “good” and stop running from “bad”.

Without that chase — without that perception — your fear subsides, doubt fades away,
and worry becomes useless.

And the absence of all of those things means… life becomes a whole lot “easier”.

And isn’t an “easier” life what most of us are REALLY seeking when we are chasing “happiness”?

Understanding this one concept can change your vision of the world — your definition of “happiness” — and this “New” Year… forever.

On 1/1/11, Thank God I… will share exactly how you can master this concept — and these “keys” — so you can stop chasing “happiness” once and for all.

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Don’t waste another minute “chasing” happiness.

“Happy” New Year!

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