Prediction: Earth-Shattering Revelations in 2011?

Welcome to 2011 and a cool date: 1/1/11

This GUEST POST from my friends and associates at Thank God I… books gives an important prediction about YOU for the coming year.

Thank God I New Year Promo

There has been a lot of talk about whether the world will end in 2012.

Most people know this is what the Mayans — and many other “seers” and “prophets” — have predicted.

Some people give credence to these ideas while others think they are pure baloney.

The bottom line is no one will really know until 2012.

But we have our own predictions about 2011…

We predict this can be the year you see the world in an entirely new light. With entirely new eyes.

See, what we think is more important than what will happen in 2012… is NOW. The life you are living NOW. AND living it… to its fullest potential.

On each new year, many people spend their time making “resolutions” to live better — to be better — in the upcoming year.

Their end goal?

Pretty much this all amounts to their desire to be “happier”. We have termed this “the Happiness Chase”.

Some people spend their entire lifetime in this pursuit. And they never feel like they truly capture it. They never feel truly “happy”. Often, they even give themselves conditions such as: “I will be happy when…”

But even if “when” comes, their definition of “happiness” has often changed. So that they never reach this goal at all.

What is it, in your mind, that will make you “happy”? “When” will YOU be “Happy”? What will it take?

Maybe you are sitting there, right NOW, wishing you knew this answer? Or maybe YOU are “happy” but there are those you love who are not… and you can’t seem to help them.

We can. We KNOW what it takes to be “happy”. We know what it takes to live the life you would love.

We have the answers… the “revelation” you — and those you love — need in 2011 to finally… once and for all… be “happy”.

Find the answer here.

Information like this comes along once in a lifetime. Truly.

This is not some mythical “maybe” or some uncertain “prophecy”. This is reality. Don’t let THIS revelation pass you by. Make 2011 the year you have always dreamed of

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