Mix, Pour, Pamper, Relax, Reset

I love a good bubble bath (what girl doesn’t?), and I’m planning on having a nice long one tonight.

I do it weekly if possible, and it’s great for relaxing and resetting. It’s also a perfect excuse to catch up on disposable reading material (I mean magazines) that don’t take too much brain power, but enhance the enjoyment of bath time.

If you’d like to make your next soak in the tub extra special, try this homemade bubble bath recipe I found in one of those very magazines:

4 cups distilled water

4 oz. liquid lavender castile soap

4 oz. vegetable glycerin

10 drops essential oil

Mix the water and soap, then add the glycerin and essential oil. Pour it in a bottle, and add up to 1 cup to your bath water.

Don’t forget to add the Epsom salts, which draw toxins from your body.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!

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