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A few days ago, I posted an article on the LWL Worldwide blog about overcoming fears using hypnosis recordings from Hypnosis Downloads.

That article focused on fears because we all have them, and they hold us back greatly in life. You can read my entire article on the LWL Worldwide blog here, which includes links to some common (and uncommon) fears that may plague you.

But there are also audios available for personal growth, reaching your goals, boosting creativity, overcoming procrastination and perfectionism, remembering names, and almost any other habit-busting or habit-forming need you can think of.

Then of course there are health-related downloads like reducing stress, curing insomnia, eating more vegetables, drinking more water, controlling food cravings for diabetics, easing eczema, and more.

And if you’re going through financial hardship these days (who isn’t, right?) you might find some help from extended programs like the Millionaire Mind pack or the Money Maximizer bundle.

In fact, with over 700 audios available, there’s a very, very slim chance that you can’t find one to help you out.

Self hypnosis might sound too good to be true, especially at these prices. But the truth is, the audios are very professionally made and highly effective — as long as you can open your mind to the possibilities, and allow yourself to go into trance state (like daydreaming, but as you listen to a soothing voice giving you suggestions).

It’s not a magic pill, though… you can’t just listen once and be done with it. You’ll be advised to listen to the same audio for a series of days, in order to really allow it to take affect and help you make permanent changes.

But the experience is relaxing and revitalizing, while working on whatever you want to overcome, so you can benefit on multiple levels.

To find exactly what you need, search the main database here.

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