Yoga’s More Than Downward Dogs

When most of us think of yoga, we think about the physical kind: downward and upward dogs, and poses that resemble trees, cobras, bridges, bows, and various types of warriors, for example.

But I’ve just recently heard about jnana yoga, which is yoga of the mind.

This is a good explanation of it:

Jnana Yoga – The Path of Understanding

Jnana yoga is a path of yoga specifically for those who are intellectually inclined. (But you might not find Jnana yoga (pronounced as “YAN- na”) is the yoga of inquiry of the self as a path to understanding. This path requires

Of course, as always, I’m interested in how things that like can fit into and enhance our everyday lives.

Concepts are great, but practice of them is obviously better.

So here’s an inspiring article that helps with that… it’s all about the yoga of manifestation (or, I suppose, the yoga of emotions):

The Yoga of Manifestation | How To Balance A Busy Life

There is a yoga to life; it is the practiced art of lifting yourself up just one small step from wherever you are right now. Feeling just a little bit better.

So now, when your “dawg” is feeling “downward”, you have a few more options to uplift it! 😉

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!